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Chapters 16-18

Oxford Course Latin Book 1 & 2

libero,-are I free
evado, -ere I escape
posco, -ere I demand
rumpo, -ere I break
custodio, -ire I guard
dignus, -a, -um worthy
summus, -a, um highest, greatest
liber, libera, liberum free
quoque also
non solum... sed etiam not only... but also
statua, -are statue
exemplum, -i example
frumentum, -i grain, corn
praesidium, -i garrison
custos, custodis guard
flumen, fluminis river
foedus, foederis treaty
obes, obsidis hostage
pax, pacis peace
virgo, virginis virgin, maiden
virtus, virtutis courage, virtue
sum, esse, eram, fui I am
supero, superare, superavi I overcome
discedo, discedere, discessi I go away, depart
lego, legere, legi I read
credo, credere, credidi I believe, trust
promitto, promittere, promisi I promise
efficio, efficere, effeci I effect, carry out
hora, -ae hour
pecunia, -ae money
divitiae, -arum riches
candidatus, -i canditate
numerous, -i number
oratio, orationis speech
orationem habere to make a speech
vulnus, vulneris wound
deinde then, next
enim for
igitur and so, therefore
tamen however, but
candidus, -a, -um white
optimus, -a, -um best
pessimus, -a, -um worst
verus, -a, -um true
vera dicere to speak the truth
gravis, grave heavy, serious
cum when
absum, abesse, afui I am away from
disco, discere, didici I learn
fleo, flere, flevi I weep
ineo, inire, inii I enter, begin
transei, transire, transii I cross
studio, studere, studui I study
valere iubeo I bid goodbye to
vendo, vendere, vemdidi I sell
conspicio, conspicere, conspexi I catch sight of
longus, -a, -um long
longe far
adhuc still
tam so
sine without
lacrima, -ae tear
silva, -ae a wood
annus, -i year
ignis, ignis fire
iter, itineris journey
tempus, temporis time
ver, veris spring
dies, diei day
Created by: Sugarbella21