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Science Game

How can scientists tell when the reversals of the magnetic fields occurred? by measuring the distance between the mid-ocean ridge and the ocean floor band (Earth Structure And Plate Tectonics Test)
What is the name of the super continent that has once been believed to make up all of our continents? Pangaea (Earth Structure And Plate Tectonics Test)
Which term best describes the currents in the magma that cause the plates to move? convection (Earth Structure And Plate Tectonics Test)
The theory of continental drift is best summarized how? Millions of years ago the continents were all together in a single landmass that move and change position. (Earth Structure And Plate Tectonics Test)
How did the movement of the Pacific plate create the Hawaiian islands? The plate moved over a hot spot (Earth Structure And Plate Tectonics Test)
Eddie wants to compare the weather in Minnesota over the last 50 years. What kind of investigation should he use? a review of existing work (Scientific Inquiry and Application: Scientific Investigations:)
Why is it necessary to use a model to shot the life cycle of a forest? this process would take too long to view in real time (Scientific Inquiry and Application: Scientific Investigations)
What tool is used to accurately measure water in millimeters? graduated cylinders (Scientific Inquiry and Application: Lab tools and Safety)
Which of the following is considered a hazard in a laboratory? loose fitting clothing ~open toed shoes ~long hair ~all of the these all of these (Scientific Inquiry and Application: Lab tools and Safety)
What layer of Earth is the densest? the core (Earth and Space Science: Earth Structure)
Information about the Earth’s tectonic plates have been primarily found by what scientists studying data from what? earthquakes (Earth and Space Science: Earth Structure)
What layer of Earth has the coolest temperature? the crust (Earth and Space Science: Earth Structure)
What substance in found in large quantities within the Earth? silicon (Earth and Space Science: Earth Structure)
What is a characteristic of meiosis but not misios? produces four daughter cells (Life Science: Organism Reproduction)
What environment would benefit an asexual population? an environment that experiences little change (Life Science: Organism Reproduction)
A cell divided into two cells during what process? mitosis (Life Science: Organism Reproduction)
What form of cell reproduction plays a key role in sexual reproduction? meiosis (Life Science: Organism Reproduction)
Magnetic potential energy is dependent on what? the position of magnetic objects relative to one another (Life Science: Physical Science)
What type of potential energy is store in the sugar produced by plants? chemical (Life Science: Physical Science)
What would have the most potential energy? 1) a roller coaster on the bottom of a hill 2) a rock sitting on the top of a cliff a rock sitting on the top of a cliff (Life Science: Physical Science)
What type of energy is stored in the Earth’s crust that produces earthquakes when released? potential (Life Science: Physical Science)
What is a cladogram? a diagram showing how scientists think different groups of organisms are related (Evolution and Pedigrees Test)
During Mitosis, which stage does the cell pinch into two cells? Telophase (Evolution and Pedigrees Test)
Which type of cell reproduction is meiosis? Sexual Reproduction (Evolution and Pedigrees Test)
What is a diagram that shows the passing down of a trait though a blood line? Pedigree Chart (Evolution and Pedigrees Test)
When a sperm and egg join, they form a fertilized egg with a complete set of ____ chromosomes. 46 (Evolution and Pedigrees Test)
An object is thought to have a region of influence surrounding it. When a second object with an appropriate property is places in this region, a force causes a change in motion of the object. What is this region of influence know as? a field (Motion and Forces Test)
When do electric forces weaken? When the field around an objects increase in distance (Motion and Forces Test)
Magnetic fields exist around magnetic objects. If a second magnetic object is placed in the field, what are the two possible results within the field? The magnets could be attracted or repelled (Motion and Forces Test)
Gravitational fields exist around objects with mass., when a second mass is placed in the field, what will the two objects experience? They would be attracted tword each other (Motion and Forces Test)
When does gravitational force decrease? When distance decreases (Motion and Forces Test)
A contour interval is the ______. difference in elevation between one contour line and the next, (Topographic Map Twiz)
What is the term that describes a specific location's height above sea level? elevation (Topographic Map Twiz)
What is an isogram on a map? a line representing an equal value of a quantity given. (Topographic Map Twiz)
areas of equal elevation are connected by ______ lines on a topographic map. contour (Topographic Map Twiz)
If one centimeter on a map represents 80,000 centimeters on Earth's surface, the scale of the topographic map is expressed as _____. 1:80,000 (Topographic Map Twiz)
What are fossils? the preserved remains or traces of organisms that lived in the past (Fossils, Faults, Folds, and Unconformities Assessment)
What is it called when rocks on either side of a fault slip past each other sideways? shearing (Fossils, Faults, Folds, and Unconformities Assessment)
What type of fault has the hanging wall of a reverse fault push on top of the foot wall? Reverse Fault (Fossils, Faults, Folds, and Unconformities Assessment)
The gradual change in a species over time is called? Evolution (Fossils, Faults, Folds, and Unconformities Assessment)
When un-stratified igneous rock is eroded away then more stratified rock is laid on top, what type of unconformity is created? nonconformity (Fossils, Faults, Folds, and Unconformities Assessment)
Which characteristic could change without changing the velocity of an object? the color (Motion and Forces Unit Assessment)
A ball is dropped from the top of a tall building. As the ball falls, the upward force of air resistance equal to the downward pull of gravity. When there two forces become egual in magnitude, the ball will what? slow to a stop (Motion and Forces Unit Assessment)
An athlete can run 9 kilometers in 1 hour. If the athlete runs at the same average speed for 30 minutes, how far will he travel? 4.5 kilometers (Motion and Forces Unit Assessment)
What is a stationary object used to detect motion called? a reference point (Motion and Forces Unit Assessment)
When an object's distance from another object is changing, what is it called? its in motion (Motion and Forces Unit Assessment)
In pea plants, tall plants are dominant to short plants. If you self-pollinate a tall pea plant and it produces an offspring that is short, what can you determine bout the genotype of the tall plant? It is Tt (Genetics Test)
The gradual change in a species over a time is called? evolution (Genetics Test)
In crossing a heterozygous (Cc) with a homozygous recessive (cc), what is the probability that the offspring from this cross will be homozygous recessive? 50% (Genetics Test)
How are sex cells different from other human cells? Sex cells have half the number of chromosomes (Genetics Test)
Mendel's Law that states that organisms inherit one allele for each trait from each parent duel to allele pairs separating during gamete production is called? Law of Segregation (Genetics Test)
True or False The lithosphere is changed as a result of the hydrosphere. True (Earth's Changing Surface Test)
True or False A depression in the ground surface formed by the melting of a block of glacier ice buried or partially buried by drift is a esker False Kettle not esker (Earth's Changing Surface Test)
True of False Beds of sand and gravel laid down by glacial melt water are known as glacial; tills. False outwash, not glacial till (Earth's Changing Surface Test)
How are kettles typically formed? By blocks of ice that are separated from a glacier. The isolated blocks of ice then become partially or wholly buried in outwash. When the ice blocks eventually melted, they left behind holes or deep depressions. (Earth's Changing Surface Test)
mass wasting can happen in areas where there is a low amount of vegetation. What factors could limit mass wasting? Low gradient (Earth's Changing Surface Test)
Which energy resource cannot be replaced? nonrenewable resources (7th Grade Energy Packet)
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