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Astronomy 13 & 14

Apologia Astronomy lessons 13 & 14 test

One of the most important stars is the North Star, also called _________________. Polaris
The brightest star in the sky is _____________. Sirius
When one star orbits another star, it is called a double star system. Another name for this is a _____________ ___________ _______________. binary star system
As a star runs out of fuel and begins to die, it starts to collapse in on itself. Sometimes the star has a lot of mass which generates a lot of heat and causes the star to explode. This explosion is called a __________________. supernova
If the core of a dying star is left behind and has a large mass, it will start to pull everything in with its gravity causing a _______________ _____________. black hole
The "footprint" left behind by a supernova contains gases, dust and debris, and it is called a __________________. nebula
__________________ ___________ can have changes in temperature and energy output over time. Thankfully, our Sun is not like this! Variable stars
Stars can be categorized in three ways. Name these ways. (1)Hot or cold, (2) Bright or dim, and (3) Big or small
The largest star we know about is named _______________. Betelgeuse
What does the term "light year" mean? It is the distance that light can travel in a year.
Earth is in a galaxy named the ____________ __________. Milky Way
List the four types of galaxies. (1) spiral, (2) elliptical, (3) lenticular and (4) irregular
__________________ is a religion in which people put their faith in the stars and check their "horoscopes" daily. Astrology
Polaris is part of a group of stars called what? The Little Dipper
What is astronautics? The science of space flight
Russia launched the first rocket into space and it put the first satellite named _______________ in space. Sputnik
Russia and the U.S. were in competition to travel to space. This was called the _______________ __________. Space Race
In 1969, _________ _______________ was the first man to step on the moon. Neil Armstrong
Which president decided that the U.S. should put a man on the moon? John Kennedy
In space, astronauts experience no gravity which is called what? zero gravity
Created by: amcollins