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Pharm 8 Contraceptiv

Type of contraceptives that have fixed ratio of estrogen and progestin in first 21 pills. Last 7 placebo. Contain iron (end of names have "fe") Monophasic
Type of contraceptives that have fixed amount of estrogen. Progestin increases in second half of pill pack. Mimicks natural cycle. Biphasic
Type of contraceptive amount of estrogen and progestin varies throughout cycle. Triphasic
Type of contraceptive clinically supported to improve acne. Orthotricyclene
Progestin is analog of spiranolactone (K sparing diuretic). Need blood test. Need electrolytes done. Can become hyperkalemic. Approved for menstrual disorder. Yaz
Suppress ovulation and inhibit implantation of the fertilized ovum. Estrogens
Inhibit ovulation and make endometrium unsuitable for implantation of fertilized ovum. Progestins
Adverse reactions to contraceptives include? Nausea, HTN, CVA, subarachnoid hemmorhage, thromboembolitic disorders
Only contraceptives available PO and long-acting injection Progestins
Used to treat prostate cancer. Prescribed primarily for hormonal replacement in post-menopausal women to relieve s/s caused by loss of ovary function and to prevent osteoporosis. Estrogens
Linked with increased risk of endometrial cancer, thromboembolism, HTN, and possibly breast cancer. Estrogens
Added progestin to estrogen therapy decreases some risks, particularly what? Endometrial Cancer
Ethinyl estraidol is used in what? Hormonal contraceptives
Conjugated estrogenic substances are used for treatment of what? S/S of Menopause
Dienestrol and Estraidol transdermal patch are what? Estrogens
Have properties similar to female sex hormone. Indicated for tx of amenorrhea and abdominal uterine bleeding, with the goal of restoring regular menstrual cycle. Used to tx endometriosis, and used in combo with estrogens as contraceptives Progestins
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