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Science Review #1

Scientific Investigation/ Vocabulary

Using one or more senses to identify or learn about an object or event is to ___________________________. observe
What is the summary statement based on the details and facts of an investigation? conclusion
A _____________________ or ______________________ is an educated guess as to what may happen in an experiment. hypothesis, prediction
When you perform a "test" to prove or disprove a hypothesis, you conduct an ________________________. experiment
1/1000 of a meter (the thickness of a fingernail) is a _____________________. millimeter
An __________________ is a tentative explanation based on background knowledge and data. inference
1/100 of a meter (the approximate width of a pinky fingernail) is a _________________________. centimeter
A __________________ is the metric equivalent to just over 3 feet. meter
What metric unit of measurement is used to measure long distances and is equivalent to 1/2 mile. kilometer
1/1000 if a liter (approximately a few drops of liquid) is a ___________. milliliter
What is the basic unit of liquid measurement in the metric system. liter
A unit of measurement used to measure the weight/mass of an object. *A small paper clip = _________________. gram
Approximately 1,000 grams or the weight/mass of larger objects such as people. *One box of 1,000 paper clips = _________________. kilogram
This instrument is used to measure length in centimeters. centimeter ruler
This instrument is used to determine accurate liquid measurement (volume) during an experiment. graduated cylinder
This instrument is used to measure mass or weight of larger objects. scale
What is the tool used to identify and classify rocks, minerals, and organisms? classification key
This instrument is used to hold, mix, and heat liquids during an experiment. beaker
This instrument is used to measure mass or weight of smaller objects. balance scale
The two terms used when measuring temperature. Celsius & Fahrenheit
The information gathered and recorded in an experiment is _________. data
Items or conditions in an experiment that stay the same to test a hypothesis are - constant
The factor in an experiment that is purposely changed to test a hypothesis is a ____________________. independent variable
The factor in an experiment that changes as a result of the independent variable is a _____________ _____________. dependent variable
To place things that share properties into groups is to ____________________. classify
What type of data can be counted or measured? The results are numerical. quantitative data
What type of data deals with descriptions and observations? (It cannot be measured.) qualitative data
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