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WGU8 Vocab

World Geography Unit 8 Vocabulary

Human Development Index An indicator of the level of development for each country constructed by the United Nations combining income, literacy, education, and life expectancy. On a scale of 0-1 with 1 being the best possible score.
Sustainable Development The level of development that can be maintained in a country without depleting resources for future generations.
Landlocked Country A state that does not have a direct outlet to the sea.
Refugee People who have fled their country because of political persecution and seek asylum in another country.
Primary Economic Activity Economic Activity concerned with the direct extraction of raw materials, generally through agriculture, mining, fishing, or forestry.
Secondary Economic Activity Economic activities concerned with manufacturing useful products through processing, transforming, and assembling raw materials.
Tertiary Economic Activity Economic activities concerned with transportation, communications, and services.
Quaternary Economic Activity Economic activities concerned with the collection, processing, and manipulation of information and capital ($).
Subsistence Agriculture Method of food production practiced to provide food for direct consumption by the farmer and his family.
Commercial Agriculture Method of food production practiced to generate products for sale off of the farm.
Cottage Industry Manufacturing based in homes rather than in a factory.
Commercial Industry Manufacturing done in factories meant for large-scale distribution.
Imperialism Control of territory already occupied and organized by an indigenous group.
Infrastructure The underlying framework of services facilitate productive activity.
Berlin Conference Meeting at which the major European powers negotiated and formalized claims to territory in Africa. The 1884–1885 conference marked the climax of the European competition for territory in Africa, a process commonly known as the Scramble for Africa.
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