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DLS Latin 1 pg 125

DLS Latin 1 Page 125

anima, -as f. breath, life, soul
animus, -ī m. spirit, mind, soul; (plural) morale
aqua, -ae f. water
cōnsilium, -ī n. plan; advice, counsel
captīvus, -a, -um captive
foedus, -a, -um foul, filthy, horrible, detestable
grātus, -a. -um pleasing, welcome; grateful
vērus, -a, -um true, real
cōnfirmō, -āre, -āvī, -ātum strengthen; establish; encourage
iuvō, iuvāre, iūvī, iūtum help, assist; delight, please, gratify
circum (prep. w acc.) around (adv.) around, round about
inter (prep. w. acc) amoung, between
prope (prep. w. acc.) near (adv.) nearby; nearly
mox (adv.) soon.
anima & animus both come from a root meaning wind or breath. The anima animates; animals and humans have anima. Animals do not have animus, which is what enables humans to think.
Captīvus is often used in the masculine or feminine.
aquatic growing, living, or done on the water
captivate to capture the attention or the affection of
circumference the line bounding a circle; the distance around
confirmation proof, the act of establishing as true
gratify to give pleasure or satisfaction to
magnanimous noble; quick to overlook injury or insult
verify to prove or test the truth of.
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