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Ecce Romani 35-36

Ecce Romani Chapters 35 and 36 Vocabulary Cards

Kalendae First of the month
Nonae 5th/7th of the month
Deus God
Tergum Back, rear
Collis Hill
Timor Fear
Vulnus Wound
Adulescens Young man, youth
Idus 13th/15th of the month
Securus Carefree
Pronus Face down
Summus Greatest, very great
Gravis Heavy, serious
Tristis Sad
Ligare To bind up, tie
Credere To trust, believe
Adimere To take away from
Percutere To strike
Condere To found
Celerius More quickly
Quam As __-ly and possible
Libenter Gladly, freely
Rursus Again
Sane Certainly
Huc Hither
Quo plus the comp..eo plus the comp. The...the
Pridie On the day before
Quo celerius...eo celerius The faster...the faster
Created by: 18barkea