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pig disection

where do you find the peritoneum on the kidneys/shiny membrane
name the structure the ureters empty into kidney->bladder
what is the function of the epididymis stores sperm/coiled structure
name the covering of the testes vaginal tunic
what is the urogenital sinus urethra + vagina join
what is the opening to the trachea called glottis
what is the name of the blood vessel leaving the right ventricle pulmonary trunk
name the 2 largest vessels entering the right atrium Coronary artery and cranial ventricals
where are coronary artery and vein located? down center between right and left ventricals
What is the common name of the larynx? voice box
Distinguish the left and right lung. left: 4 lobes and right: 3 lobes
What are the two components of the central nervous system? brain and spinal cord
Name the fissure which separates the two cerebral hemispheres. longetudal fisher
What is the corpus callosum? connects right and left cerebrall hemospheres
What is the function of the umbilical cord? connects baby to mother
What is the composition of the umbilical cord? zambilical arteries, post anus veins
How do you determine the sex of the fetal pig? uringelecal opening female (under anus) / swelling /testes: male
How does the incision for the male differ for the male differ for that of the female? middle of umbilical cord (straight down):female / either side of penis: male
Where is the thyroid gland located? in the neck/red bean shape
Which organ occupies most of the abdominal structure? liver dark red color
Name the small pouch found at the junction of the small and large intestine cecum; majority of the digestion
name the large sac located between the umbilical arteries. urinary bladder
What is the parietal peritoneum? lines body cavity/shiny
Where is the papillae located? tongue/tastebuds
Distinguish between the hard and soft palates. Hard - higher / made of membrane and lower
Created by: Lauren Bowers