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skeletal system

Not a function of the skeletal system Production of melanin
The --- skeleton consists of bones that surround the body's center of gravity. Axial
Appendicular Bones of the limbs, or appendages
--- bone looks smooth and homogeneous. Compact
Composed of small trabeculae (bars) of bone and lots of open space. Spongy bone (cancellous)
Bones that are generally thin and have a layer of spongy bone b/w 2 layers of compact bone. Flat bones
Irregular bones Bones that don't fit into one proceeding category
Long bones Bones much longer than they are wide, consists of a diaphysis and epiphysis
Short bones Typically cube shaped, contain more spongy bone than compact bone
Sesamoid bone Special short bones formed into tendons (patellas)
Tiny b/w the cranial bones Sutural bones
The structural unit of compact bone is Osteon
Axial skeleton Skull, the vertebral, thoracic (rib cage)
8 bones make up what Cranium
How many bones of the skull are considered facial 14
Maxilla Upper jawbone
Mandible Lower jawbone
Cheek bones Zygmatic
Cervical The seven bones of the neck are called
The --- vertebrae articulate w/ the corresponding ribs. Thoracic
The --- skeleton is made up of 126 bones of the limbs and girdles. Appendicular
The --- girdle attaches the upper limb to the axial skeleton. Pectoral
The arm consists of one long bone Humerus
Strongest, heaviest bone of the body Femur/thigh
Each foot has how many bones 26
How many bones in the human body 206
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