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Infection control

NPTE: Infection Control (Scorebuilders 2008)

Infection ControlInformation
Airborne Precautions • airborne transmission of infectious agents through evaporated droplets in air or dust particles • Private room with monitored air pressure • 6-12 air changes within room per hour • Room door remains closed • Wear Mask when entering
Droplet Precautions • transmission through mouth & nose • Private room • May share room w/ pt w/ same active infection • Maintain at least 3ft. between pt and others • Room door can be open • Wear Mask when within 3 ft of pt • Limit pt's transport out of room; pt wear
Contact Precautions • Transmission: indirect/direct contact • Share room w/ pt w/ same active dx. • Wear Gloves • Change gloves after direct contact • Gloves off before leave room; wash hands • Gown if close contact; off before leave room • limit transport • disinfect equip.
Standard Precautions • Hand Washing • Use plain soap for routine hand washing • Use antimicrobial agent for specific incidences based on the infection control policy
Standard Precautions • Gloves • Wear gloves when touching all body fluids, blood secretions, excretions, & contaminated items • Change gloves between tasks w/ pt after coming in contact w/ infections material • Remove gloves immediately, don't touch non-contaminated items, wash hand
Standard Precautions • Mask • Wear a mask/eye protection/face shield for protection during activities that are at frisk for splashing of any body fluids
Standard Precautions • Gown • Wear a gown for protection during activities that are at risk for splashing of any body fluids. Remove gown immediately and wash hands.
Standard Precautions • Patient Care Equipment • Handle all pt equipment in a manner that prevents transfer of microorganisma. • Ensure that all reusable equipment is properly sanitized prior to reuse.
Standard Precautions • Occupational Health and Bloodborne Pathogens • vigilance is required when handling/disposing of sharp instruments. Never recap needles or remove syringes by hand. Use puncture-resistant containers • Use mouthpieces, resuscitation bags, and ventilation devices instead of mouth-to-mouth
Created by: liz124714
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