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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Joint Mob positions NPTE: Joint Mob positions: Loose-packed/resting position (scorebuilder 2008) Physical Therapy 2019-09-28 liz124714 22 11 edit
Postural Drainage NPTE: Postural Drainage Positions (scorebuilder 2008/pulmonary class notes) Physical Therapy 2023-05-12 liz124714 18 14 edit
Integumentary NPTE: Integumentary (scorebuilder 2008) Physical Therapy 2023-05-06 liz124714 156 34 edit
Muscle & innervation NPTE: Muscles & Innervation (kendall) Physical Therapy 2023-03-19 liz124714 105 22 edit
special tests NPTE: Special tests Unfinished 2019-09-27 liz124714 19 1 edit
pulmonary signs NPTE: pulmonary - physical signs of diseases (scorebuilder 2008) Physical Therapy 2023-02-17 liz124714 67 12 edit
Prosthesis and Gait NPTE: Gait Deviations - Prosthetic and Amputee Causes (scorebuilder 2008) Physical Therapy 2021-11-07 liz124714 8 28 edit
Special Tests NPTE: Special Tests and (+) result indications (scorebuilder 2008) Physical Therapy 2023-12-11 liz124714 74 32 edit
Cardiac NPTE: Cardiac (scorebuilders 2008) Physical Therapy 2023-07-11 liz124714 58 32 edit
EMG NPTE: EMG abnormal action potentials & meanings (scorebuilders 2008) Physical Therapy 2019-09-14 liz124714 5 6 edit
PNF descriptions NPTE: PNF therapeutic exercise descriptions (scorebuilders 2008) Physical Therapy 2021-11-07 liz124714 15 12 edit
Infection control NPTE: Infection Control (Scorebuilders 2008) Physical Therapy 2019-09-28 liz124714 9 2 edit
ADA requirements NPTE: Accessibility Requirements (scorebuilders 2008) Physical Therapy 2019-09-15 liz124714 12 6 edit
E-stim parameters NPTE: Electrotherapy Treatment Parameters (Scorebuilder 2008) Physical Therapy 2014-06-14 liz124714 6 3 edit
Validity NPTE: EBP- types of validity (scorebuilders 2008) Physical Therapy 2019-09-28 liz124714 7 6 edit
E-Stim review e-stim Physical Therapy 2010-11-17 liz124714 3 0 edit
(R) vs (L) CVA (R) vs (L) CVA Physical Therapy 2023-10-11 bluepunkstar 19 25 edit
CVA CVA Physical Therapy 2019-09-15 kaglad 42 9 edit
(R) vs (L) CHF (R) vs (L) CHF Physical Therapy 2023-05-12 bluepunkstar 19 13 edit
PT 670 Jnt Mob Ex/Tx PT 670 Jnt Mob Ex/Tx Physical Therapy 2014-06-14 696592119 58 2 edit

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