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Study Guide for Marine Science Technician 1st Class

Each unit depending on its size should have a safety committee IAW? 29 CFR 1960.37
A harmful quantity of oil according to the Clean Water Act is identified where in the CFR? 40 CFR 110.3
What CFR cite requires that there be an appropriate number of translations of the Operations Manul when conducting a transfer? 33 CFR 154.300(a)(3)
Which volume of the Marine Safety Manual contains examples of a response plan approval letter? MSM Volume IX
The OSC will need to make sure the proper documentation for managing a commercial contractor is kept IAW the instructions in _______? MSM Volume VI.7.B.6.C
Any Facility Operations Manual that does not follow the format that is specified within _______ would need to contain a cross reference index page. 33 CFR 154.310(a)
The Comprehensive work plan will provide for the implementation of the medical surveillance program descibed in _______? 29 CFR 1910.120(f)
The Mechanisms governing state reimbursements from the Pollution Fund for Reimbursable activites is listed in ______? 33 CFR 153.407
If a Marine Transfer Facility is identified as a significant and substantial harm facility, it will be required to prepare a response plan under _______? 40 CFR 112
The generator of the hazardous waste manifest will prepare the form IAW ___________ 40 CFR 262
An Employer is exempt from the guidelines found in 29 CFR 1910.120 if they have an Emergency Action Plan that is in compliance with _______? 29 CFR 1910.38
What Reference gives the commandant of the Coast Guard the ability to classify a spill of national significance? 40 CFR 300.323
The operations manual must meet the requirements of ____________? 33 CFR 154
All Hazardous Waste sites will need to be evaluated IAW _________? 29 CFR 1910.120
What part of 33 CFR 154 includes facility and response plan information, Emergencey Response Action Plan Information, Training, and Exclusive information? 33 CFR 154.1035
Hazard Communications are required by OSHA to protect workers from the hazardous properties of HAZMAT. The procedures for providing this protection are codified in _____? 29 CFR 1910.1200
Most safety and Health programs that meet federal, state or local regulations are considered acceptable if they are modified to cover the topics found within _______ 29 CFR 1910.120
Any FRP that does not follow the format that is specified within _____ would need to be supplemented with a detailed cross reference section to identify the location of the required sections. 33 CFR 154.1030(b)
Priority III Vessels will have a score of ________ Points on the Matrix. 4 to 6 Points
If a vessel was subject to an operational control within the past 12 months, it will be given _________ points on the targeting matrix. 1 Point
If a Vessel was subject to an intervention leading to a detention within the past 12 months it will be given __________ points on the targeting matrix. 5 Points
What form will be completed for all government equipment costs that are incurred for each day of the removal activity? CG-5136C
What form will be completed for all government personnel costs that are incurred for each day of the removal activities? CG-5136B
What form will be used to record contractor activites and use of resources? CG-5136
What form will summarize all of personnel, equipment and other resources that are used during removal activities of each incident? CG-5136A
What form will be completed for all government purchases, expendables, travel etc for each day of the removal activity? CG-5136D
Which form is the contractor short form? CG-5136E-4
What form will be used for contractor personnel? CG 5136E-1
What form will the ICS briefing include? ICS 201
What ICS form will list the Assignments of the divisions and groups? ICS 204
What ICS form will describe the basic incident strategy, the controlling objectives and the safety considerations? ICS 202
What ICS form will provide information on incident medical aid stations, transportation services and hospitals? ICS 206
Subtitle I of RCRA covers? Underground storage tanks.
There are specific costs that are elligable for charge to the OSCTF Fund for phase III removal activities when the RP performs the clean up. One eligible cost is? Reservist Orders
Each Operations manual will need to contain both the geographic location of the facility and __________. Physical Description of the Facility
What position will communicate incident status changes to the IC/UC and other sections? Operations
In managing a federally funded removal, the OSC must make every effort to ________? Match equipment and personnel to spill characteristics.
The COTP may allow for a provisional entry into the Navigable waters of the US if the owner or operator of the vessel proves to the satisfaction of the COTP that _________. The vessel is not unsafe.
Response plans are written for the use of the ________? Facility Owner/ Operator
Response plans can be valid for a period of up to ________ years. Five
If a facility is removed from caretaker status, they must submit 2 copies of their operations manual no less than ________ days before a transfer operation takes place. Thirty
the primary authority for issing an admin order under FWPCA will be based upon the clean water act of 1977 which was ammended by ________ Oil Polution Act of 1990
Initial CERCLA ceiling requests will not exceed ________. $250,000
The NOFI for an oil pollution incident informs suspected dischargers of a potential violation of the FWPCA, and possible liability to a civil penalty of up to_______ per day of violation or up to 3 times the cost incurred by the OSCTF $32,500
The Following is found within the ICS 201 form: Map/Sketch, summary of current actions, current organizations and _______? Resource Summery
When reviewing a response plan the reviewer should look at the plans overall _________? Effectiveness, workability and organization
Skilled support and specialist personnel will be given an initial briefing at the site prior to their participation, what information is required in the initial briefing? Instruction in the wearing of appropriate PPE
Whic of the following would be an element of an ICS briefing? Current Priorities
The FOSC may assume total or partial control of a removal activity under which condition? Assuming Control would prevent the discharge or alleviate the substantial threat of a discharge.
Which process will be used for land farming recovered product from small oil spills? Biodegradation
Which of the following is part of a safety and health program? An organizational structure
The logistics section chief should be able to effectively manage a range of functions that may include _________. Ensuring appropriate logistics requirements of the incident are identified and met
Vessels that do not have or are past due for an automatic freight vessel examination are automatically considered priority __________ Vessels II
What type of training should the operation section cheif have attended prior to assuming the position? ICS 100 through 300
The Legal Authority for a COTP order based upon a number of laws including _______? Ports and Waterways safety act
The OSLTF is administered by the _________ NPFC (National Pollution Funds Center)
What act addresses the safety of all tank vessels which transport and transfer oil or other hazardous cargoes in US ports? Port and Tanker Safety Act 1978
Which OMSEP form should be used to record results of a reference audiogram exam? DD Form 2215
What form is used for a notice of federal interest for an oil pollution Incident? CG 5549
The Hazardous waste program within RCRA is found in? Subtitle B
The RP has the right to appeal an admin order, but they must make this appeal within _______. 48 Hours
What process will be used to burn oily debris? Incineration
The OSC should take defensive actions as soon as possible to prevent, minimise or mitigate any threat that an incident may pose to the environment or the health and welfare of the US These defensive actions may include ______? Controlling the source of the discharge.
Which law requires the preparation and submission of a response plan by certain types of facilities? Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90)
When combating a problem, all member that are assigned to a marine safety field unit will need to develop ideas and behaviors that promote an outlook on the proper _______ protection processes. Safety and health
The USCG can open FPN's up to ________ and CPN's up to ____________ $500,000 and $249,999
The OSC will need to submit a cost summary report that will document expenses that are recoverable from the polluter within _______ days. 30
What amended the espionage act of 1917? Magnusun Act of 1950
Incident commanders will have at least ______ hours of training. 24
Who appoints the respiratory protection coordinator? Sector Commander /CO
When the hazardous waste manifest is completed it will contain information of the type and quantity of the waste that is being transported, its instructions for handling the waste and _______. Signature lines for all parties involved in the disposal process.
New Facilites must submit a response plan to the COTP not less than _________ days prior to the handling storing or transporting of oil. 60
Hazardous material technicians will have at least ________ hours of training. 24
First responders at the operations level will have at least _________ hours of training 8
For facilities identified as "Substantial harm" the validity period for the response plan begins the date __________. The plan is submitted to the COTP
The Port state control program is to identify and eliminate _________ foreign merchant ships from US waters Substandard
The Safety petty officer/ Safety equipment officer is required for units that have at least __________ personnel. 40
For large incidents to Incident Action Plan format will be ________. Written
Who may assign a boarding priority for reasons not captured in the targeting matrix? OCMI
Who develops and maintains the targeted owners list? G-MOC
Flag States are evaluated on their detention ratio for the previous ________ months. 12
COTP orders cannot be issued to a ____________ Class of Vessels
The cradle to grave management system for hazardous waste establishes specific requirements for ____________ Hazardous waste transporters
The FOSC may consider two basic fundamentals for Coast Guard action under CERLA. This would include the prompt action to control a release or diminish damages and the _________ Possibility of signifigant harm to the environment.
How many years must a signed copy of a hazardous waste manifest be retained from the date the waste was accepted by the inital transporter 3
From the MISLE main screen what button will you choose to begin entering a COTP order? Activities
Memebers enrolled in OMSEP that are being monitored under more than one exposure protocol need to complete form __________ CG-5447A
Classification Societies are evaluated on their performance over the previous _______ years. 3
What must you do in MISLE once the conditions set forth in the COTP order have been satisfied? Remove the operational Control
What fund does the predesignated OSC's within the various districts have the authority to use? Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund "OSLTF"
What must an administrative order contain for both FWPCA and CERCLA? Detailed actions to be taken by the RP to clean up a pollutant
The Material Safety data sheet (MSDS) which are required for all hazardous material found at each USCG unit will include whether ______ is present in these products. Benzene
Priority I vessels will be scheduled for examination ____________. Prior to entering a US port
What is the preferred method for conducting a respirator fit test? Quantitative fit testing
What is on page 1 of the ICS 201 form? Map/ Sketch
What is on page 2 of the ICS 201 form? Summery of current action
What is on page 3 of the ICS 201 form? Current organization
What is on page 4 of the ICS 201 form? Resources summery
What page of ICS 201 is the resources summery on? 4
What page of ICS 201 is the Current organization on? 3
What page of ICS 201 is the Summery of current actions on? 2
What page of ICS 201 is the Map/Sketch on 1
Which ICS form is for Objectives ICS 202
Which ICS form is the Organizational assignment list? ICS 203
What is ICS 204 The Assignment list
Which ICS form is the Assignment list? ICS 204
A person directly affected by a COTP ordermay appeal to to the District Commander through _______. The Captain of the port
Under ___________ an FOSC can issue orders to the responisble parties to ensure they are accomplishing the removal of a discharge in a timely manner. 33 USC 1321 (c)(e)
A spill of national signifigance may classified as stated in __________ 40 CFR 300.23
Detailed requirements for COTP orders can be found in? 33 CFR 160
A site safety plan will incorporate? An Organizational structure, A comprehensive work plan, a site specific safety and health plan,safety and health training & medical surveillance.
An OMSEP periodic exam is generally conducted every _______ Months? 12
An exit physical exam must be conducted within ____ days of the last day of exposure or employment. 30
What form numvber is a NOFI (Notice of federal interest)? CG-5549
The EPA can open up FPNs up to $_______ $50,000
The USCG can open up FPNs up to $_______ $500,000
The USCG can open up CPN's up to $_______ $249,999
______ Automates and centralizes the creation and management of project #'s and Ceilings for federally funded responses. The Ceiling and Number Assignment Processing System(CANAPS)
The OSC can seek the advice of the _______ in determining the completeness of a removal operation. Regional Response Team (RRT)
RCRA subtitle ____ deals with solid waste. D
RCRA subtitle ____ deals with Hazardous Waste C
RCRA subtitle ____ deals with underground Tanks I
CG form CG-5136A captures and summerizes what Data? All personnel, equipment and other resources that are that are incurred for each day of removal activity..
CG form CG-5136B captures and summerizes what data? All government personnel costs that are incurred for each day of removal activity.
CG form CG-5136C captures and summerizes what data? All government equipment costs that are incurred for each day of removal activity.
CG form CG-5136CD captures and summerizes what data? All government purchase/expendable/travel orders/ contractors/other agencies that are incurred for each day of removal activity.
CG form CG-5136E can be used in place of CG forms? CG-5136B-D
CG form CG-5136E is known as? Government short form
CG form CG-5136 E1 captures and summerizes what data? Contractor personnel
CG form CG-5136 E2 captures and summerizes what data? Contractor equipment
CG form CG-5136 E3 captures and summerizes what data? Contractor/subcontractor/material/other expenses.
CG form CG-5136 E4 can be used in place of CG forms? CG 5136 E1-3
CG form CG-5136 E4 is known as? The Contactor short form
The Incident Action Plan (IAP) is prepared in accordance with COMDTPUB __________ COMDTPUB P3120.17
The operations manual must meet the operating rules and requirements mandated by 33 CFR part ______ and _______ 154 and 156
Approved manuals will be stamped ______ on the cover page of the document. Examined by the Coast Guard
What must a new facility submit to the COTP 60 days prior to transfer operations? 2 copies of the operations manual with a letter of intent.
A vessels flag state is on the current targeted list assign _____ points on the PSC matrix. 7
the vessel was not boarded within 6 months assign _____ points on the PSC matrix. 1
The vessel was involved in a marine casualty or pollution case within the past 12 months assign _____ points on the PSC matrix. 1
The vessel is an oil or chemical tanker assign _____ points on the PSC matrix. 1
The vessel is a gas carrier assign _____ points on the PSC matrix. 1
The vessel is a bulk frieghter assign _____ points on the PSC matrix. 2
The vessel is a passenger ship assign _____ points on the PSC matrix. 1
The vessel carries low value commidity in bulk assign _____ points on the PSC matrix. 2
Vessels scoring _____ points and above are considered priority I vessels 17
Vessels scoring between ___ and ___ points are considered priority II Vessels. 7-16
Vessels Scoring between _____ and ____ points are considered priority III Vessels. 4-6
Vessels Scoring between _____ and ____ points are considered priority IV Vessels. 0-3
Priority IV vessels will not be _____ targeted for a boarding.
How often are QI notifacations done? Quarterly
Who else besides the QI's names are in the response plans? AQI
How do berms work at an oil spill? By Overflow
What is the most damaging to Oil spill equipment? Boom Lighting
If a release happens and none of it hits the water Not USCG jurisdiction
Under a vent how big of a portable containment 5 Gal
Boom that is deployed on an angle diversion
How many points if a frieght ship is over ten years? 2 points
What CFR cite is for response plans (general)? 33CFR 154.1010
How many points are for a owner listed? 5 Points
Nav safety regs are found where? 33 CFR 164
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