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Echinodermata SLP

Echindermata solving lifes problems

How do echinoderms do gas exchange? Skin gills , spines and dermal brachia. Respiratory tree has invagination of the body wall.
How do echinoderms feed? Sea Biscuits and Sand Dollars are grazers- have 5 pieces that are brought together in the middle AKA Aristotle's Lantern Sea Stars are scavengers that prey on bivalve mollusks.
Is the echinoderms digestive system complete or incomplete? The echinoderms digestive system is complete.
What is the echinoderms digestive system composed of? It has compartments and glands. It has extracellular digestion that dump enzymes on food then animal absorbs food.
What is special about the way concenreacyclodia digest things Have digestive endosymbiots
How do echinoderms control osmoregulation and secretion? Most are osmoconformers. Ammonia diffuses out via skin gills.
How do echinoderms transport nutrients and gasses? Have closed circulatory system and hemal system
How do echinoderms regulate responsiveness to the environment? Circumesophageal ring ganglion with radial nerves ocilli on arm tips and tube feet muscle receptors. And muscle fibers on tube feet or body wall
How do echinoderms reproduce? Fragmentation and regeneration. Sexual with most and they are diecious with internal fertilization.
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