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absolute unqualified, complete, utter
adapted modifed, altered
chamber compartment
comapct compress
complacency satisfaction
compulsory obligatory, forced, necessary, compelled
concomitant concurrent, simultaneous, synchronous
condense concentrate, compress
conform comply, follow
consistent compatible, harmonious, coherent
constrain bind, inhibit, restain
contagious infectious, communicable
counterpart complement, equivalent, parallel
debris dregs, wreckage, remains
decisive definite, definitive, conclusive
disdain despise, scorn
element component, part, feature, constituent, ingredient
erratic irregular, inconsistent
exhaust use up, deplete, run out of , expend, consume
exhaust tire, weary, fatigue
expand increase, bloat, swell enlarge, extend
flattering complimentary
fullblown complete, matured
henceforth from now on, forward
inadvertently unintentionally, accidentally
intricate complex, complicated, elaborate
mammoth hugh, gigantic, colossal, large
merely simply, just purely
ordinary unexceptional, mundane, routine, common
plain clear, distinct, obvious
plain unadorned, undecorated, simple
popular widespread, common, current, general
reconcile conciliate, settle, resolve
reexamine review, reassess
requirement stipulation, condition, provision
revolutionize completely change
rival competitor, antagonist, opponent
shovel excavate, dig, scoop
succint concise, brief, terse
tie relationship, bond, connection
ability faculty, capacity, competence
accessible available, obtainable, reachable
accord grant, give, bestow; agree, assent
appear seem, look
be rooted in be based on, originate from
bog marsh, swamp, fen
collaborate effort together, cooperate
crucible container
crub control, repress, suppress, restrain
cycle sequence
deem consider, believe, regard
devout pious, reverent, religious
disperse spread out, scatter, disseminate, dissipate
economical saving, thrifty, frugal
eventually in time, finally, ultimately, in due time, in long run
faint indistinct, feeble
financial monetary, pecuniary
frighten scare, terrify, alarm
geognosy geology
give way to retreat, withdraw
immense enormous, huge, tremendous
impact influence, effect
ingenuity creativeness, inventiveness
in keeping with in agreement with, consistent with, in conformity with
job project, assignment, task, undertaking
lethargic sluggish, drowsy, liestless, slow
meager scarce, scanty, deficient
parody lampoon, mockery, spoof, takeoff, travesty
refuge shelter, sanctuary
rural country, rustic, pastoral
scrub scour, rub
secure acquire, obtain, procure, get; safe
skepticisim doubt, suspicion, uncertainty
so far until now, up to present
spark bring about, trigger, stimulate
specualtion conjecture, supposition, surmise
terrain land, territory, area
tumult chaos, disturbance, turbulence
unlimited infinite, limitless, boundless, endless
vagarious changeable, whimsical, capricious, arbitary
volume book, tome
advent arrival, appearance
article item, object, thing
assembly congress, legislature, parliament
associated connected, correlated, linked
aware conscious
bank edge, brink, margin, shore
by and large on the whole
challenge difficulty, problem; defy
compress compact, dondense, contract, squeeze
consort associate, fraternize
construe interpret
correct remey, amend, rectify
curious inqusitive, nosy, inquiring
deadly fatal, lethal, mortal
defeated conquered
deplete exhaust, empty, use up
edge periphery, border, margin, boundary, rim
elude evade, dodge, avoid
endow dower, endue
exceedingly extremely, excessively, surpassingly
far-reaching broad, extensive, widespread
fluster confuse, addle, befuddle
guess conjecture, suppose, fancy
importance significance, consequence, moment
interfere disrupt, intervene, intrude, meddle
irksome tediousm, boring
last final, ultimate, conclusive
last continue, persist
mange control, conduct, direct, administer
mastery expertise
monopolize dominate, occupy
overcome defeat, conquer
ratify endorse, confirm, sanction, validate
replica copy, duplicate, reproduction
shift move, transfer; switch, change
stride progress
subject to susceptible to
successive consecutive, sequential, serial
transtion change, alteration, shift
undertaking enterprise, project, task
accurate precise, true, exact, correct
advisor consultant
antagonize counteract
architecture structure, framework
assure convince, persuade, satisfy
bond tie, connection, link
brave courageous, gallant, dauntless
crucial essential, important, acute, deciding, vital
complement supplement
comprise consist of , be made up of
counter to in opposition to
daring bold, courageous, brave
devise create, design, contrive, invent
duplicate copy, imitate, reporduce
dwindle decrease, diminish
embody incarnate, exemplify, represent; contain
etch cut, carve, engrave
flash flame, flare, glare
imaginable conceivable, thinkable, supposable
infectious contagious, communicable
innumerable countless, numberless, numerous
invariable constant, consistent, unchanging
meditate think deeply, ponder, contemplate, reflect
opoposite counter; contrast
outdo surpass, excel, exceed, outmatch
outline summary; contour, silhouette
parallel corresponding, comparable, analogous
parallel match, compare, equate
preeminent outstanding, formost, distinguished
reassuring encouraging, refreshing, revitalizing
regulate control, adjust
respectful courteous, polite, well-mannered, civil
shrink shrivel, decrease, diminish
skill expertise, know-how, craft, technique
steadily constantly, continuously
struggle contend, fight, battle
subsequence next in a series, succession, sequel
warrant justify, deserve, merit
ware product
yet nevertheless, however
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