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The diary of Anne Frank review

In act one why does Mr Frank feels like he needs to repay the Van Daan family, ? Mr.Frank was once new the the country and The Van Daan family was there to help him
What does Peter do in Act One to show unhappiness with life as a Jew He takes off the star of Davis off his coat and burns it
What is Mr Kraler and Miep do in Act One that expresses the theme of the essential goodness of people They risk being killed by helping people (The Frank family,Van Daans)
Why does Anne scream in Act One She dreams the nazi have came to get her
Why do people in the annex fight when Meip brings them a cake in Act 2 Mr. Dussell says people unfairly dived food
what does Mrs Frank do in Act 2 that expresses the theme of the essential goodness of people She forgives Mr.Van Daan for stealing food
what does Peter admire about Anne in Act 2 Peter admire Annes way of talking to the adults
Why does Mrs Frank lose her temper in Act 2 She catches Mr. Van Daan stealing food
What does Mr.Frank tell the others they must do during the day to be sure they will be safe in Act 1 1). Stop running any water in the sink/toilet 2).maintain quiet 3)move only if necessary 4).only whisper
How does Anne celebrate Hanukkah at the end on Act 1 by making simple present and by sings the Hanukkah song
How is Mr Frank different at the end of Act 2 from the beginning of Act 1 In the beginning Mr.Franks tells Meip he is bitter man and wants to leave Amsterdam because everything there is full of reminders of the people he lost. At the end of Act 2 Mr Frank bitterness is gone and is happier
What news does Miep Bring in Act 2 that makes the people stop fighting and apologize to each other Miep tells them that the enemies of the nazi have begun to invade and they should be free.they are now happy and stop fighting with each other and apologize
Created by: Happy.Hour
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