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Utah 5th Grade Science St. 5

The physical surroundings of an organism, the habitat Environment
A trait passed on from the parent organism to offspring. Inherited
Inborn behaviors. Instincts
Learned (not inherited) from repeated reactions in the environment. Learned behavior
The series of events or phases an organism goes through from birth to death, or to the birth of the next generation. Life cycle
The progeny of the parent organism, the children. Offspring
Any living thing made of cells. Organism
The parent of the offspring (usually a mom and dad). Parent organism
All of a species living in a given area. Population
Unique body or cell parts that help an organism survive (examples: snowshoe hare’s foot, leaves and petals on a plant, and stinger on a scorpion.) Specialized structure
A group of the same organisms sharing common traits. Species
A species succeeds, or lives successfully in their environment; finding food, avoiding predators, and raising young. Survival
Inherited characteristics that set a species apart from other species. Traits
Slight differences among individuals of a species. Variations
Created by: Utah 5th Grade