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Learn Ch w/ Me

Learn Chinese With Me

hǎo good
jiào call; name
大卫 Dàwèi David
王家明 Wáng Jiāmíng Jiaming Wang
同学 tóngxué classmate/student
再见 zàijiàn goodbye; see you
Lín Lin
老师 lǎoshī teacher
men (suffix) plural
shì be/is/am/are
杰克 Jiékè Jack
玛丽 Mǎlì Mary
tā (male) he
你们 nǐmen you (plural)
kàn see (verb)
谢谢 xièxie thank (you)
名字 míngzi name
什么 shénme what
qǐng please
不客气 búkèqi you're welcome
黑板 hēibǎn blackboard
学生 xuésheng student
她们 tāmen (female) they; them (female)
ma (question word for yes/no questions)
请打开书 Qǐng dǎ kāi shü Please open your books
校长 xiàozhǎng principal
ge (measure word) people
敬礼 jìnglǐ salute or bow (verb)
握手 wóshǒu shake hands (verb)
zhǎo find; look for (verb)
de (particle word) possesion
朋友 péngyou friend
他们 tāmen (male) they; them (male or mixed gender)
我们 wǒmen we; us
中学生 zhōngxuéshēng high school student
橄榄球 gǎnlǎnqiú (American) football
also; too (adverb)
请喝茶 qǐng hē chá Please have some tea
篮球 lánqiú basketball
shuí; shéi who (pronoun)
请坐 qǐng zuò Please take a seat
请进 qǐng jìn Please come in
教练 jiàoliàn coach; instructor
play (hand sports); hit (verb)
法语 Fǎ yǔ French (language)
dōu both; all
a ("softener" at the end of one word verb sentence)
汉语 Hàn yǔ Chinese (language)
yǒu have (verb)
艾米丽 Aìmǐlì Emily
日语 Rì yǔ Japanese (language)
xué learn; study (verb)
shí ten
jiǔ nine
中文 zhōngwén Chinese
how many (question word; pronoun)
líng zero
èr two
没有 méiyǒu not to have; don't have (verb)
sān three
liù six
zhāng (measure word) pieces like for CDs, paper, etc
光盘 guāngpán discs; CDs
女孩 nǚhái girl
shǎo few; less
钱包 qiánbāo wallet; purse
duì yes; that's right; correct
zhè this
qián money
yuán dollars/currency (measure word)
in; inside
多少 duōshao how many; how much (question phrase)
这里 zhèlǐ here
duō many; much
店员 diànyuán clerk
gěi give (verb)
Created by: sunjayc99
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