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environmental scienc

Animal Agriculture test

Write out definitions
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) crowded places where domesticated animals are raised for food
ruminants large stomach that can break down plants for nutrients
fermentation bacteria that digests plant matter
euthanasia intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering
what is domesticated? grown for a food source verses just in the wild
How are domesticated organisms different than their wild relatives? They are dependent on us to grow, raised solely for food, raised in crowded conditions; the wild are raised in grasslands
What physiologic effects does finishing have on cattle? fat, acidosis, ecoli growth promoted
lifestyle of beef cattle 6-8 weeks the roam around in a pasture, afterwards they go to a feedlot for finishing; movement is minimized here and their calories are increased
What were hormones used for in dairy cattle? to increase milk production; but the public demanded to stop use
difference between pasteurized and ultra pasteurized pasteurized - 2-3 weeks shelf life; ultra pasteurized - 2-3 months shelf life
What is veal? a male calf
How is veal different from other meat? the meat is more tender, it is pale (anemic) and iron deficient
difference between laying hens and broiler hens laying hens - egg production; broiler hens - have larger thighs
battery cages small cages, constant light, poor quality
Why are hens raised inside? they are sensitive to sun and heat
What does the Federal Humane Slaughter Act require of meat producers? that all animals be rendered unconscious before they are killed
Why are antibiotics administered to all animals in large operations to reduce the amount of illness and maximize their growth rate
Why is ground beef such a likely source for bacteria? the sources are all different
cage free animals not kept in battery cages but can still be in a pen
certified humane animals "must be able to perform natural behaviors such as nesting"
free range animals receive a certain minimum amount of outdoor access
organic animals were raised with organic feed and NOT given antibiotics
USDA Prime/ Select/Choice Prime has the most fat, choice has the second amount of fat, select is the leanest
natural no legal definition on foods
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