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Music History

What are the Dates for Baroque Era? 1600-1750
What is the meaning of the end date? the death of Bach
What does Baroque mean? Misshapen peral
What was the music like? abnormal, exaggerated, bazaar, and bad taste
What did the music become? Ornate and decorated
What is first Practice? Like madrigals, limited to certain rules like dissonaces Limited harmonically and melodically followed rules to express text
What is second practice composers would break the rules in order to better express the text people would know everyone knew the rules handle got lots of grief Madrigal as example :Cruda Amarili
what are some Baroque Characteristics? Faubourdon concept, Figured Bass/Realization, Basso Continuo
What is Figured Bass/Realization Looking at a figured bass and playing music, being able to create your part from what you see on the page
Basso Continuo two people always a string or keyboard with a bass instrument, most characteristic part of the baroque period
What happened with mean tone and equal temperament in this period? the great shift to the equal temperament because the two temperaments would not work anymore
Chords vs Intervals Start using Major, minor, dimisnished and augmented chords instead of just intervals
What are some of the ornamentations? turns, grace notes, trills, etc..
What is the tonality shift to foucus at? Major and minor modes
What are Terraced dynamics? Adding or dropping people or instruments to make it louder or softer
what is Libretto? Text
What is Intermedio? musical interludes played before and in between acts to buy time
What was the Florentine Camerata? A group of people who discussed what would be worthy of turning into a production
Who were two composers part of the Florentine Camerata? Girolam Mei and Giulio Caccini
What is Monody? Basically what we now know as Homophonic, its an idea of a soloist with an accompanist
What does Le nuove musiche mean? The New Music
What was arias in this period? strophic songs
who worte le nuove musiche? Meil and caccini
What was Arias also called? Solo Madrigals
What are Arias from Opera
Arias are... Homophonic and strophic
Who are Jacopo Peri and Ottavio Rinuccini? Freinds of Caccini, they statred a company with a text writer (Rinuccin) and composer (Peri)
What was the First Opera? Dafine
What is Recitative Style? Spoken dialogue and music
What is Ritornello? a recurring line that happens often comes from the concerto form
What is Claudio Monteverdi famous for? writting Ritornello and only vocal works he was the first to show full potential of opera
What is Strophoic Variation? One step beyond Strophic Arias, the main character is right in the center of all
Roman Operas would have whom sing the highest line? Castrati, because the stigma that women were not allowed to perform on stage, so males would have an operation so that voices would not drop after puberty
Where was the first public opera house? Venice opera house 1637
What is a Diva? A star
What is a impresario? A producer of the opera
What is a Prima Donna? The lead soprano or first lady
What is Concertato Style? an accompany madrigal
What is Basso Ostinato? Recurring bass pattern also known as the ground bass
What does cantata mean and who wrote them to be sung and bach
What is an Oratorio large scale composition, like an opera minus the costumes and scenery with a sacred theme
What did Henrich Schutz write? Sul, was verfogst du mich, and Kleine geistliche Knonzerte which is a smalll sacred concerts, they are self contained scripture from the bible and putting it in music
Insturmental music became? Just as important as vocal music, written for specific instrument, strings formalized and vocalized into pairs
What are the 4 catergories of music? Preforming forces (or instrumentation, how it is catergories by the instrument) Venue, Nationality and type
What are the parts of a Fugue? Episodes (when you don't hear the melody just counter subjects) Subject, Counter subject
How did bach edited his subject line? Augmentation, diminution, retrograde, inversion, retrograde inversion
What is a Sonata Something written for solo instrument, then it became accompanied which is monody
What is Opus? the beginning of cataloging types of music by genre, opus means work
What is Jean Baptiste Lully famous for? Creating the Overture part of the opera
What is Henry Purcell famous for Using the ground bass and writing a melody over top of it and chaconne
What is Alessandro Scarlotti famous for? Da Capo Aria, ABA theme like D.C. el fine
What is Sonata dacamera Chamber music sometimes background music
What is sonata da Chiesa Church music, it's part of the service
What is a Trio Sonata 4 people playing a sonata, 2 violins and a basso continuio
who is famous for writing trio sonatas Arcangelo Corelli
What is Concerto Grosso? A feature piece for multiple soloist, alternate between the soloist and the orchestra,another way we get ritornello form.
who wrote 4 seasons? Antonio Vivaldi
What is special about prelude and Fugue? there are multiple subjects.
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