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What is the source of all energy on Earth? The Sun
What is the surface of the moon covered with? rocks,dust,craters
Why do we have tides? Gravitational pull from the moon and sun pull on Earth and cause the water level to rise and fall.
How long does it take Earth to revolve around the sun? 365 days= 1 year
What is the atmosphere of the moon like? It doesn't have one.
Which planets are the biggest? Gas or Rocky? Gas
If one side has day the what does the other side have? Night
What would life be without the Sun. It wouldn't exist.
Give an example of fossil fuel. coal,oil,natural gas
Name the seasons in order. Winter,Spring,Summer,Fall
What is another name for the outer planets? Gas planets
What is it called when the moon is completly lit up? Full Moon
What changes how shawdows look? The position of the Sun.
Name the planets in order. MVEMJSUN
How much of the moon is always lit? Half
When NH has Spring what does SH have? fall(autumn)
Why are shawdows the shortest at midday? The Sun is directly overhead.
After a new moon, the moon gets bigger. This is called what? waxing
What is a star? A large ball of glowing gas.
Why is Pluto considered a dwarf planet? It is too small that it can't clear it's area.
When are shawdows the shortest? At midday (around noon)
How long does it take Earth to rotate once? 24 hours (1 day)
How many earths could fit into the sun. 1 million
Which planet is the largest? Jupiter
Name the 4 outer planets? JSUN
The moon appers to change due to the positions of__________________. Sun,Moon,Earth
How many tides do we have a day? 4 tides - 2 high and 2 low
Which planet is known for its huge giant storm? Jupiter (it's storm is it's red spot)
What is it called when the moon is completely dark? New moon
After a full moon, the moon gets smaller, what is this called? Waning
Name the 4 rocky planets? Mercury,Venus,Earth,and Mars
What does revolve mean? To go around another object.
Planets are what since they orbit around something else? Natural Satellites
The sun's energy is stored in what? Fossil Fuels
How far away does Earth orbit from the Sun? Millions of miles
Why do we have seasons? Because of the tilt of the Earth.
How long does it take the moon to go through its phases? 29 1/2 - almost a month
Which is the hottest planet? Venus
Which way does Earth rotate? West to East
The Sun produces what? Heat and light
What direction do shawdows point from the sun? Away from the sun
How does the Sun's energy cause weather conditions on the Earth? Starts the water cycle with evaporation,Prrovides wind.
When are the shawdows the longest? Sunrise or at dusk.
What is another name for rocky planets? Inner planets
Where does the sun rise and sets? East and West
A small section of the moon that is lit is called a ___________________. Crescent
What does rotate mean? To spin around on its own axis.
Where does the moon gets its light from? Reflection from the Sun.
How are comets and Asteroids similar? 1. Both orbit the sun 2. Both made up of rocks 3.They are both celestial 4. Both have elliptical orbit
What is the Sun-Earth- Moon system? Moon revolves aroun Earth and Earth revolves around Sun.
What is the difference between a meteoroid,a meteorite,and a meteor? A meteor burns up whaen it hits the atmosphere and it is visible. A meteoroid is celestial.A meteorite makes it into the atmosphere and hits the surface.
Comets are one of the sources of meteorites which strike Earth.the other one is _________________. asteroids
The majority of asteroids are found in a belt between what two planets? Mars and Jupiter
Comets are mostly made up of what? Dust and ice
Created by: NithishaK
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