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Kidney vocab


Urinary System system primarily responsible for water, electrolyte, and acid-base balance and the removal of nitrogen-containing wastes from the blood
Kidneys small, dark, red organs with a kidney-bean shape lie against the dorsal body wall
Hydronephrosis urine that can no longer pass through the ureters backs up and exerts pressure on kidney tissue
Renal Artery the arterial supply of each kidney
Nephrons the structural and functional units of the kidneys and, as such, are responsible for forming urine
Renal Corpuscle consists of a glomerulus, which is a knot of capillaries, and a cup-shaped hollow structure that completely surrounds the glomerulus like a well-worn baseball glove enclose a ball
Renal Tubule makes up the rest of the nephron, is about 3 cm lon
Collecting ducts receive urine from many nephrons, run downward through the medullary pyramids, giving the pyramids a striped appearance
Glomerular Filtration water and solutes smaller than proteins are forced through the capillary walls and pores of the glomerular capsule into the renal tubule
Oliguria an abnormally low urinary output
Anuria if it is less than 100 ml/day
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