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Withdrawal symptoms: begin 4-12 hours after sensation or market reduction. Course hand tremors,. Sweating. Elevated pulse.& BP. Insomnia. Anxiety. Nausea or vomiting. Alcohol
transient hallucinations. Seizures. Delirium Usually peaks on day ___ Over in ____ days Withdrawal may last ? Severe alcohol w/d 2--5 days 1--2 wks
Suppresses w/d symptoms Lorazepam (Ativan) Chloriazepoxide (Librium) diazepam (Valium)
Clinical institute withdrawn assessment alcohol scale. ___ mild ___ moderate ____ severe < 8 8--15 > 15
____Receive medication based scores of the scale alone ____ receive additional doses depending on the level of scores from the scam Symptom-triggered dosing. Fixed dosed tapers
Initial: relaxation. Lost of inhibitions Intoxication: slurred speech. Unsteady gait. Let the coordination. Impaired attention. Concentration. Memory and judgment. May become aggressive. Inappropriate sex behavior. Blackout. Alcohol
____>>> Vomiting. Unconsciousness. Respiratory depression. This can lead to___ Alcohol induced___Can lead to cardiovascular shock & death OD: Aspiration pneumonia/pulmonary obstruction Hypotension
Gastric lavage. Or. Dialysis (___). Respiratory support and cardiovascular functioning in? Alcohol OD treatment similar for any CNS depressant. ICU (Remove the drug)
What is contraindicated for alcohol OD treatment Central nervous system stimulants
Barbiturates. Nion-barbiturate hypnotics. Anxiolytics esp benzodiazepines are all___? The facts, symptoms of intoxication, and withdrawal symptoms are similar to___ Central nervous system depressants. Alcohol
Prescribed dose is cause drowsy. Reduce anxiety. Intoxication slurred speech, lack of coordination, unsteady gait, labial mood, Impaired attention/memory, stupor and coma Barbiturates. Non-barbiturate hypnotics. Anxiolytics esp benzodiazepines
Oral OD rarely fatal. Lethargic and confused. Tx : Gastric lavage followed by Pio of activated charcoal and Saline cathartic Benzodiazepine
Lethal overdose. Coma. Respiratory arrest. Cardiac failure. Death TX. ICU. Lavage or dialysis. Respiratory support and cardiovascular function Barbiturates
Onset of withdrawal depends___Of the drug Half-life
Action last about 10 hours. Withdrawal symptoms and 6 to 8 hours Lorazepam
May not produce symptoms for one week. Diazepam
Autonomic hyperactivity: increased pulse, respirations and temperature), hand tremor, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, psychomotor agitation. Seizures and loosen nations only in severe withdrawal Withdrawal syndrome from sedatives, hypnotics and anxiolytics
Detox managed medically by tapering to prevent coma and death Barbiturates. Non-barbiturate hypnotics. Anxiolytics esp benzodiazepines
Excites the central nervous system. Limited clinical use ADHD. (Weight-loss/stay awake past use) Highly addictive Intense & immediate euphoria Stimulant
Amphetamine. Methamphetamine Which is more dangerous? Made out of? Stimulant Meth Liquid fertilizer
Intoxication: rapid high or euphoric feeling, Hyperactive, hypervigilance, talkative, anxious, grandiosity, hallucinations , stereotypic or repetitive behavior, anger, fighting, impaired judgment Stimulant
Intoxication physiologic: Tecce cardio, elevated BP, dilated pupils, perspiration/chills, nausea, chest pain, confusion, cardiac dysrhythmias Stimulant
Stimulant tx to control hallucinations, lower BP and relieve nausea Antipsychotic Chlorpromazine (Thorazine)
Withdrawal with in few hours to several days after stopping. Not life-threatening Primary symptom--marked dysphoria Fatigue, vivid and unpleasant dreams, insomnia or hypersomnia, increased appetite and psychomotor retardation or agitation Stimulant
Marked withdrawal symptoms ___ Depressive going suicidal ideation for several days. Not treated pharmacologically Crashing Stimulants
Unapproved TX of glaucoma that lowers intraocular pressure. Cannabis
Relieves N, V associated with cancer chemotherapy and anorexia and weight loss of aids. Approved for cancer chemo Dronabinol (Marinol) Nabilone (Cesamet)
Acts in less than one minute. Peaks in 20 to 30 minutes & last 2--3 hrs. Feeling similar to alcohol, lowered inhibitions, relaxation euphoria, increased appetite Cannabis
Intoxication: impaired motor coordination, inappropriate laughter, impaired judgment and short-term memory, distortion of time and perception Cannabis
Withdrawal symptoms anxiety, dysphoria, social withdrawal. Increased appetite, Conjunctival injection (bloodshot eyes), dry mouth, hypotension, tachycardia or Cannabis
Excessive use: delirium rarely psychotic disorders Cannabis
Withdrawal: muscle lakes, sweating, anxiety, tremors. No clinical withdrawal syndrome Cannabis
Desensitize both physiologic and psychologic pain. Induce euphoria & well-being. Opioids
Morphine, meperidine (Demerol), codeine, hydromorphone, oxycodone, methadone, oxymorphone, hydrocodone, propoxyphene Opioids
Illegal: heroin, normethadone Opioids
Intoxication: initial euphoria, Apathy, what the Arctic, listless, impaired judgment, psychomotor retardation or agitation, constricted pupils, drowsing, slurred speech, impaired attention and memory. Opioids
Severe intoxication or overdose: coma, respiratory depression, pupillary constriction, unconsciousness and death Opioids
Opioid treatment How often tx to get to non toxic levels? Naloxone (Narcac) Every few hrs (can take days)
Withdrawal begins with stepping the drug or decrease in use. Initial symptoms: Anxiety restless, aching back and legs, craving for drug Opioids
What's wrong progresses to: nausea, vomiting, dysphoria, lacrimation, rhinorrhea, sweating, diarrhea, yawning, fever, insomnia Opioids
Do opioids require Pharmacologic intervention to support life or bodily function No
Shorty Acting heroin withdrawal symptoms occur in_? Peak in_? Subside in_? 6--24 hrs 2--3 days 5--7 days
Long acting methadone withdrawal symptoms for_? Subside and_? 2--4 days 2 weeks
Heroin substitution___ Withdrawal symptoms: anxiety, insomnia, dysphoria, anhedonia, drug cravings can last for___? Methadone. Weeks or months
Distorts perception of reality and produces symptoms similar to psychosis, hallucinations (usu Visual) the personalization, Hallucinogens
Increase Pulse, blood pressure, and temperature; dilated pupils; hyperreflexia Hallucinogens
Mescaline, psilocybin, lysergic acid diethyamide Designer drugs Ecstasy PCP (anesthetic) Hallucinogen
Intoxication: maladaptive behavioral and psychological changes: anxiety, depression, paranoid, ideas of reference, fear of losing one's mind, dangerous behavior (believing you can fly and jumping out a window) Hallucinogen
Intoxication symptoms (physiologic sees sweating, take care of you, palpitations, blurred vision, tremors, lac coordination Hallucinogen
Intoxication: Belligerent, aggression, impulsive, unpredictable behaviors PCP
Toxic reactions: primarily psychologic. Overdoses don't occur. Fatalities r/t accidents, aggression, suicide. (Except for PCP) Hallucinogens
TX: supportive psychotic reaction: isolation from external stimuli; physical restraints (Safety of PT and others) Hallucinogens
Toxicity seizures, hypertension, hyperthermia, respiratory depression PCP
Meds to control seizures and beeping. Cooling device/hyperthermia blanket, mechanical ventilation/support respirations PCP
No withdrawal syndrome. Crave drug. Flashbacks--transient recurrence of perceptual disturbance. Occur After all trace of drug is gone. Can persist for months up to f5 years Hallucinogens
Anesthetic, nitrates, and organic solvents Most common ALIPHATIC and aromatic hydrocarbons in ____ Inhalants. Gasoline, glue, paint thinner, spray paint
Intoxication: dizzy, nystagmus, lack of coordination, slurred speech, unsteady gait, tremor, muscles, blurred vision. Stupor and coma Inhalants
Belligerents, aggression, apathy, impaired judgment, inability to function Inhalants
Acute toxicity: anorexia, respiratory depression, vagal stimulation, dysrhythmia. Death D/T bronchospasm, cardiac arrest, suffocation, aspiration Inhalants
No withdrawal symptoms or detox. Psychologic cravings. May have persistent dementia. Psychosis, anxiety, mood disorders even when drug is ceased Inhalants
Methadone Heroin
Naltrexone (Trexan or ReVia) Opiate
Blocks opiate withdrawal & S&S Buprenorphine agonist
Disulfiram (Anabuse) Alcohol
Calms glutamate receptors for alcohol Acomprosate
Non-opioid suppressor of opiate withdraw symptom Clonidine (Catapres) alpha antagonist
Created by: srchilds
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