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BZ 310- Lab Quiz 3

what was plasmid 1? pBS
what was plasmid 2? pUC7K
two types of gel for electrophoresis poly-acrylamide and agarose
what makes DNA visible on gels? ethidium bromide
how to make cells competent? (2) heat or CaCl2
what did plasmid 1 grow on and not grow on? grew on ampicillin, not kanamycin (pBS)
what did plasmid 2 grow on? both kanamycin and ampicillin (pUC7K)
CFU/mL # colonies per mL plated / dilution (1/10 etc)
how to find g/plasmid 700 g/mol (1 base pair) x # base pairs / 6.022E23
fraction transformed CFU/mL transformed / CFU/mL control
transformation efficiency CFU/mL / ug plasmid added
what makes glycerinated myofibers contract? ATP, Mg, Ca, K
what is added to observe skeletal muscle and why? glycerin, removed membrane but leaves contractile apparatus intact
what did we add to sperm and why? Triton X-100 to removes membranes, DTT stabilize ATP binding site
overall photosynthesis reaction 6CO2 + 12H2O -> C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O
where do the oxygens in O2 product of photosynthesis come from? the H2O
what color was DCIP when reduced? clear
what color was DCIP when oxidized? blue
DCIP in place of NADPH for hill reaction
order of hill reaction PS II, PQ, PS I, ferredoxin, NADPH
where are cells coming from this week? SF9 insect cells (fall armyworm)
what will be used this week to prevent freezing damage? DMSO
how will we make a sterile environment this week? UV
what will we use this week to prevent contamination? flow cabinets
each muscle cell is a fiber
the striated appearance of muscle fibers is caused by actin and myosin overlap
photosynthesis requires light, H2O, CO2, and chloroplasts
why use insect cells? less sensitive to temperature and CO2 concentration
Created by: melaniebeale