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Body Parts

Chapter 1 Body Parts

abdomino abdomen
ankyolo ankle
brachi arm
posterior back
osteo bones
mast/mammo/mammary breast
bucco/buccal;mejilla cheek
thoraco chest
oto ear
cubital elbow
opththalmo;ocula;opto eye
dactylo/digit/phalanx finger
illus foot
gingiv gums
manus hand
cephalo head
cardio heart
coxa hip
crural;femoral leg
hepato liver
pulmo lungs
oro mouth
musculo muscles
umbilic/umbilicus navel
cervico meck
neuro nerves
rhino;naso nose
costo ribs
lateral side
derma skin
cranio;cranial skull
gastro stomach
denti teeth
tempora temples
femoral;crural thigh
pharyngo throat
pollex thumb
linguo;glosso tongue
carpo wrist
Created by: bnjmnchs