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Chp.1 MA Terminology

Chapter 1 Terminology Medical Assistant

Fatty tissue throughout the body. adipose
Pertaining to both sides. ambilateral
To resemble man. android
Pertaining to both sides. bilateral
The study of life. biology
Pertaining to the tail. caudal
Microscopic bodies that carry the genes that determine hereditary characteristics. chromosomes
The study of cells. cytology
To remove water away from the body. dehydrate
A process in which parts of a substance move from areas of high concentration to areas of lower concentration. diffusion
Pertaining to formation outside the organism or body. ectogenous
A slender body form. ectomorph
A round body form. endomorph
The study of tissue. histology
The state of equilibrium maintained in the body's internal environment. homeostasis
Formations of a cell's nucleus. karyogenesis
A well-porportioned body. mesomorph
The study of disease. pathology
The process of pouring through. perfusion
The study of the nature of living organism. physiology.
The condition whereby a cell absorbs or ingest nutrients and fluids. pinocytosis
The essential matter of a living cell. protoplasm
Pertaining to stimulation of body growth. somatotrophic
Pertaining to a place, definite locale. topical
Pertaining to one side. unilateral
Pertaining to body organs enclosed within a cavity, especially abdominal organs. viscreal
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