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IPC 5th 6 wks review

Matter with a definite volume and a definite shape is a __________. Solid
Matter in which atoms are tightly held in place is a ______. Solid
A gas-like mixture with no definite volume or shape that is made up of positively and negatively charged particles is a _____. Plasma
Matter with no definite volume and no definite shape is a _____. Gas
matter that has a definite volume but no definite shape is a _____. Liquid
Matter in which the particles are free to move in all directions until they have spread evenly throughout their container is a _____. Gas
Most matter ______when heated. Expands
The theoretical point at which all molecular motion stops is called_____. Absolute zero
Compared to most substances, water is unusual because it ______ when it goes from the liquid to solid state. Expands
The amount of energy needed to change a material from a solid to a liquid is called the heat of _____. Fusion
The amount of energy needed to change a material from a liquid to a gas is called the heat of______. Vaporization
According to ______, if you decrease the volume of a container of gas and hold the temperature constant, the pressur of the gas will increase. Boyle's law
According to _____, the volume of a gas increases with increasing temperature, as long as pressure does not change. Charles's law
According to ______, the buoyant force on an object in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. Archimedes' principle
According to____, as the velocity of a fluid increases, the pressure exerted by the fluid decreases. Bernoulli's principle
According to _____, pressure applied to a fluid is transmitted unchanged throughout that fluid. Pascal's principle
Hydraulic machines work by applying_____. Pascal's principle
Whether an object will sink or float in a fluid is determined by_____. Archimedes' principle
Bernoulli's principle explains why____. Planes fly
As a sample of matter is heated, its particles _____. Move more quickly
The most common state of matter in the universe is ____. Plasma
Increasing_____ raises the bolling point of a liquid. Pressure
The idea that matter is made up of small particles that are in constant motion is _____. The kinetic theory of matter
The particles that make up a solid move ____ than do the particles of that make up a gas. More slowly
A fluid's resistance to flow is called___. Viscosity
As the temperature of a gas increases,mine volume of the gas will ___ if the pressure remains the same. Increase
As the volume of a gas decreases, the pressure of the gas will ____ if the temperature remains the same. Increase
Three examples of physical change are____. Boiling of water, bursting of a balloon, and crumpling a piece of paper
The shape of an apple is a____. Physical property
Fog is an example of a ____. Colloid
When alog burns in a fire, _____. New substances are formed
______ is another name for a homogenous mixture. Solution
When 2 or more substances are combined so each substance can be separated by physical means, the result is a(n)_____. Mixture
A _____ is NOT a mixture. Compound
The scattering if light by colloids is called _____. The Tyndall effect
_____ is NOT a homogeneous mixture. Permanent-press fabric
Each inner energy level of an atom has a maximum number of ____it can hold. Electrons
Dot diagrams are used to represent _____. Outer level electrons
Particles of matter that make up protons and neutrons are ____. Quarks
A chemical symbol represents the ____ of an element. Name
Horizontal rows of the periodic table are called_____. Periods
Atoms of the same element with different numbers of neutrons are called_____. Isotopes
A particle that moves around the nucleus is a(n)____. Electron
Elements that are gases, are brittle, and are poor conductors at room temperature are _____. No metals
A _____ is used to accelerate protons I the study of subatomic particles. Tevatron
A certain atom has 26 protons, 26 electrons, and 30 neutrons. Its mass number is ____. 56
In a chemical formula, the number of each type of atom I the compound is shown by numbers called_____. Subscripts
A group of covalently bonded atoms that acts together as one charged atom is a _____. Poly atomic ion
The elements that make up a compound and the exact number of atoms of each element in a unit of the compound can be shown in a ____. Chemical formula
A chemical bond that occurs when atoms share electrons is a(n) _____ bond. Covalent
The ______ tells you how many electrons an Atom must gain, lose, or share to become stable. Oxidation number
The sum of the oxidation numbers in a neutral compound is always _____. Zero
The oxidation number of an atom is shown with a _____. Superscript
Which of the following correctly shows the formula for a hydrate? MgSO4 x 7H2O
How many electrons are needed in the outer energy levels of most atoms for the atom to be chemically stable? 8
What kind of chemical bond is formed when an equal exchange of electrons occurs? Ionic
What is the total number of atoms in the compound Ca(CIO3)2? 7
What is the name of the compound with the formula NaCl? Sodium chloride
Why do the noble gases NOT form compounds readily? Their outer energy levels are completely filled with electrons.
What is the number of potassium atoms compared to oxygen atoms in a binary compound made for these 2 elements? 2 potassium atoms to 1 oxygen atoms
What is the name of a binary compound made up of lithium and chlorine? Lithium chloride
Which iof the following is the correct formula for magnesium nitrate? MG(NO3)2
What is the charge of phosphate in K3PO4? 3-
What is the correct name for K2SO4? Potassium sulfate
What is the correct formula for magnesium oxide? MgO
At room temperature, most metals are ____. Solids
The process by which solid iodine particles charge directly to gas without first becoming a liquid is called _____. Sublimation
Elements that form salts by combining with metals are ____. Halogens
Substances that conduct an electric current only under certain conditions are most likely to be ____. Metalliods
Different forms of the same element that have different properties because of different atom arrangements are called _____. Allotropes
An allotrope of carbon that is soft and can be used as a lubricant is ____. Graphite
An allotrope of carbon that is hard and is often used in jewelry is ____. Diamond
Hydrogen is grouped with the alkali metals because it ____. Has one electron in its outer energy level
A chemical family whose members exist as reactive diatomic molecules in the gaseous phase is the _____. Halogens
When hydrogen reacts with the active metals, it for,s a chemical bond by____. Gaining one electron
The elements in groups 3-12 of the periodic table are the ____. Transition elements
A family of elements that has 2 electons in its outer energy level is the ____. Alkaline earth metals
Metals can be used as wire because they are _____. Ductile
Elements in which the other electrons are NOT held tightly are most likely to form ______bonds. Metallic
Bromine is the only halogen and nonmetal that is normally a _____. Liquid
The only metal that is a liquid at room temperature is _____. Mercury
A synthetic element that is used in smoke detectors is _____. Americium
Alll synthetic elements are _____. Radioactive
Cobalt. Iron, and nickel are known as the _____triad. Iron
Three transition elements in group 12 of the periodic table are _____. Mercury, zinc, and cadmium
Any element with an atomic number greater than that if uranium us a(n) ______. Transuranium element
The noble gases are in____. Group 18
Elements that lie along the stair-step line of the periodic table are ____. Metalliods
The appearance of solid metals can be described as ____. Shiny
A family of elements that contain the most reactive metals is the ____. Alkali metals
Radioactive elements comprise a majority of the_____. Actinides
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