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Nina's questions

Pharm (Test 3)

Propofol induces a state of general anesthesia by what action? activation of GABA to induce the opening of Cl- channels
What makes propofol an ideal drug for the outpatient setting? rapid metabolic clearance, short 1/2 life, antiemetic effects
Which of the following is a factor that exacerbates Propofol induced hypotension? speed of injection
Which of these patient types is more prone to have a significant drop in CO w/ propofol? 60 y/o w/ a history of impaired ventricular function
What makes propofol a great choice for use w/ LMA? upper airway reflexes are depressed better than barbiturates
What of the following is not a contraindication for propofol administration? chronic history of asthma
Clonus, spontaneous movement, and twitching after receiving propofol indicates? excitatory phenomenon
Which of the following is true regarding propofol administration? admin. should be complete w/in 6hrs, composition supports bacterial growth, should be used w/in 6hrs even if containing preservatives
What is the appropriate dose of propofol for induction of a healthy adult? 2-2.5mg/kg
What's the propofol infusion dose for moderate sedation for a healthy pt? 50mcg/kg/min
Ketamine is classified as... dissociative IV anesthetic
Which is true of ketamine's binding action? binds non-competitively to NMBA receptors
Should be administered prior to ketamine to avoid negative hallucinogenic effects? benzos
Why would a prudent CRNA administer glycopyrrolate prior to giving a pt ketamine? antisialogogue effect
Selection of ketamine for induction for an "acute abdomen" would be appropriate d/t? it would maintain CO and BP
NSAIDS are contraindicated in which pt? aspirin allergy, nasal polyps, asthma, and renal failure
What is the MOA for NSAIDS? inhibits cyclooxygenase and prostaglandinsynthesis pathways
Slight BP elevation may be seen w/ NSAID administration d/t? inhibition of prostaglandins