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Forensic Serology

serology study of blood
blood refers to a highly complex mixture of cells, enzymes, proteins, and inorganic substances
plasma fluid portion of blood
erythrocytes red blood cells
leukocytes white blood cells
platelets solid materials in the plasma
antigens usually proteins, are located on the surface of red blood cells and are responsible for blood-type characteristics
55 blood is ?% plasma
45 blood is ?% cellular components
away the main arteries carry blood _______ the heart
to veins carry blood _________ the heart
blood pressure provided by the heart pumping fluid around blood spurts out from the arteries and veins because ?
bone marrow blood cells formed in the ?
die blood cells never ?
white blood cells immune system
red blood cells (no nucleus/DNA) oxygen
A-B-O and Rh systems blood typing
Karl Landsteiner discovered A-B-O and Rh
D antigen Rh factor is determined by the presence of ?
serum liquid that separates from the blood when clotting
Kastle-Meyer uses H2O2 + phenolphthalein to produce a bright pink color in the detection of peroxidase activity in the blood
leucomalachite green dropped on the suspected blood stain. a positive blood result will immediately turn the swab greenish-blue
tetramethylbenzidine test by placing drops on a suspected stain. a positive reaction is indicated by an intense blue color
luminol used in investigation tv shows. involves spraying the chemical onto the suspected blood stain and viewing it in total darkness
luminol capable of detecting bloodstains diluted up to 300,000 times
preciptin test indicates which species the blood belongs to
width/length then take the inverse sin arcsin
travel narrow end of a blood drop will point in the direction of ?
point of origin if you have more than one drop, the ? can be determined
acid phosphatase enzyme present in high concentrations of semen
oligospermia abnormally low sperm count
aspermia absence of sperm or sterility
Locard's Exchange Principle theres always some evidence left behind
4-6 hours sperm can survive up to ? in the vaginal cavity
3 days nonmotile sperm may be found up to ?
48 hrs acid phosphatase can be detected up to ?
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