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5th 6 weeks review

English- Julius Caesar Acts IV-V

At the beginning of Act IV, what do Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus reveal? They will kill off the Senate in order to gain power, even if it meant killing their family
What is the conflict between Antony and Octavius? Debate about what to do to Lepidus, which includes trusting him and giving him power
What is the source of conflict between Cassius and Brutus? Brutus accusing Cassius of accepting bribes
Describe the change in Brutus and Cassius' relationship. Accusing each other and not trusting each other
How are Brutus and Cassius characterized I'm Act IV, scene iii? Childish, petty and blaming each other
How can Brutus' reaction to Portia's death best be explained? Since he is a stoic, he was humble.
What does the conflict b/w Brutus & Cassius suggest about their ability to face the challenges that lie ahead of them? They'll struggle b/ c they can't agree and their troops will fall because of them
Why does Brutus want to go meet M.A.'s troops @ Philippi? So they can cut off their fresh supply of troops
What is Brutus' internal conflict in act IV? The sight of J.C.'s ghost causes him to be unsure of what he is supposed to do.
What is the significance of the ghost's promise to see Brutus at Phillippi? It is foreshadowing that Brutus will die at Phillippi.
Joyfullness and merriment Mirth
Severe criticism and punishment Chastisement
Given to acting without thinking and impulsive Rash
At the beginning of Act V, how can the meeting among Brutus, Cassius, Antony, and Octavius best be described? Heated argument
What is the effect of Cassius' belief that he is doomed to die? He fears he'll lose
What differences In the characters of Brutus and Cassiua are revealed by their attitudes toward the coming battle? Brutus- calm and collected Cassius- does not know handle it
In Act V, scene iv, to what Brutus does not want to be captured and taken back to Rome? He would rather kill himself than be humiliated and dis honored
Explain why this play is a tragedy. The hero(Brutus) is involved in a struggle in which he dies
What is the theme of the Play? Good results cannot come from evil actions
Misinterpreted Misconstrued
Give a warning sign about a future event Presage
Created by: marykatescamardo
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