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Cardiovascular System

What system do heart, blood, arteries, veins, capillaries, and lymphatic system make up? Circulatory system
What does the heart and the three types of blood vessels make up? Cardiovascular system
What does the word cardio mean? Heart
What does the word vascular mean? Blood vessel
What are arteries, veins, and capillaries; they carry blood throughout the body? Vessels
What kind of tissue makes up most of the heart? Cardiac
What is each upper chamber of the heart called? Atrium
What is each lower chamber of the heart called? Ventricle
Where does the right side of the heart pump oxygen-poor blood to? Lungs
Where does the left side of the heart pump oxygen-rich blood to? Body
When atria relax, what do ventricles do? Contract
Why do the heart's valves close? To prevent blood from going the other direction
What part of the heart makes the heartbeat sound? Veins
What carries blood back to the heart? Veins
What allows exchanges between blood and body cells? Capillary
What carries blood away from the heart? Artery
What is pressure caused by heartbeats? Blood pressure
What is caused by a rhythmic change in blood pressure? Pulse
What is the narrowest kind of blood vessel? Capillaries
What kind of blood vessels are helped by the contracting of skeletal muscles? Veins
What kind of blood vessels stretch due to blood pressure? Arteries
What is added to blood when it is pumped to the lungs? Oxygen
What is taken from blood when it is pumped to the lungs? Carbon dioxide
Where does the exchange of blood and oxygen take place in the lungs? Capillaries
What is the flow of blood between the heart to the lungs? Pulmonary circulation
What is the flow of blood between the heart and the rest of the body? Systematic circulation
What can cardiovascular problems harm? Body
What can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems? A healthy diet and plenty of excercise
What are the leading causes of death in the United States? Heart diseases
What is fatty buildup in blood vessels called? Astherosclerosis
What is abnormally high blood pressure called? Hypertension
What is brain damage caused by damage to blood vessels called? Stroke
What is a condition caused by the death of heart muscle cells called? Heart attack
What can happen when blood supply to the heart is blocked? Heart attack
How many liters of blood does an adult body have? 5
What are the four components of blood? Plasma, red blood cells, platelets, white blood cells
What is the fluid part called? Plasma
What do red blood cells do? Take oxygen to every cell in your body
To what does hemoglobin cling? Oxygen
What forms a plug to reduce blood loss when you start bleeding? Platelets
What two things do white blood cells do? Destroy pathogens and clean wounds
What do pathogens include? Bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic organisms
What do white blood cells do to fights pathogens? Destroy pathogens or release antibodies
What destroys dead or damaged body cells? White blood cells
What does blood help to regulate? Body temperature
What happens when body temperatures rise? Blood vessels in the skin enlarge
What is the force the blood exerts on the walls of the arteries called? Blood pressure
When is systolic pressure measured? When the ventricles contract
When is the diastolic pressure measured? When the ventricles relax
What are two organs that can be damaged by high blood pressure? The heart and the kidney
To what does a blood type refer? Chemicals called antigens on red blood cells
What kind of antibodies does a person with type A blood have? Type B
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