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Unit 13

Medical Math (Updated)

1/4, 25%, and .25 all represent the same amount
Multiplication is a simple method of addition
If two numbers are to be multiplied, either of the numbers can be the multiplicand
Decimals, fractions, and percentages represent parts of a whole
Percentages are used to express either a whole or part of a whole
a ratio of 3:4 is equal to 75%
In the household system of measurement, ounce is used as both a measurement of capacity /volume and mass/weight
Military time is frequently used in health care to avoid the confusion created by the AM and PM used in teh traditional system
If you are given 3/8 of a pie, into how many parts has the pie been divided? 8
A fraction should be reduced to its lowest terms when the numerator and denominator can each be divided by the same number
Which of the following is an improper fraction? a. 8/3 b. 5/10 c. 1 3/4 c. 12/16 8/3
9,853 rounded to the nearest 1,000 = 10,000
Five drops of medication to 1 cup of water is the same as 20 drops to 4 cups
10:00 AM is expressed in military time as 1000
4:40 PM is expressed in military time as 1640
The Roman numeral XLVII = 47
A gram is the basic metric unit for measuring weight
1.0 meter is equivalent to how many centimeters 100
One meter is equivalent to approximtely 1 yard
Two pounds is equivalent to approximately how many kilograms? 1.0 kilograms
If 98.6°F is the normal adult oral temperature, what would it be if it were taken using a thermometer that measures in centigrade? 37°C
What is the oldest and least used of the three systems of measurement, it's capacity/volume is measured by drams, ounces, pints, or quarts and mass/weight is measured by grains, drams or ounces The apothecary system
Shows the relationship between numbers or like values ratio
Apothecary unit that equals 1 drop minim
Upside-down version of a fraction reciprocal
Statement of equality between two ratios proportion
Real or imaginary flat surface from which an angle is measured reference plane
Unit for measuring angles degree
Answer obtained when two numbers are divided quotient
Number that is to be divided dividend
Calculating medication dosages, taking height & weight readings, measuring the amount of intake & output, billing & bookkeeping tasks, performing laboratory tests, mixing clean solutions is how math is used in health care
Why must health care workers be 100 percent accurate when performing math calculations on the job to prevent negative consequences to patient health, to prevent billing and bookkeeping errors, to prevent waste of supplies and many other functions
Numbers are not repeated, AM & PM designations are not used. It's easier to distinguish between AM & PM times; it helps prevent errors in the administration of medications and other patient care duties; it prevents mis-communitations regarding scheduling Military time
Created by: votec