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fasci/o Surgical repair
fibr/o tumor if fibrous tissue
leiomy/o tumor of smooth muscle
lumb/o pertaining to the lumbar region and the ribs
muscul/o pertaining to muscle
my/o rupture of a muscle
ten/o incision of a tendon
tend/o surgical repair of a tendon
tendin/o inflammation of a tendon, usually resulting from strain
-algia pain or tenderness in muscles
-asthenia weakness of a muscle(abnormal fatigue)
-pathy disease of a muscle tissue
-plegia paralysis of one side of the body
-rrhaphy suture of a muscle,usually do to a muscle wound
-sarcoma malignant tumor of muscle tissue
-tomy incision of cartilage
flexion decrease the angle of a joint
extension increase the angle of a joint
adduction move closer to the middle
abduction moves away from the middle
pronation turns down the palm
supination turns up the palm
eversion moves the sole of the foot inward
inversion moves the sole of the foot outward
plantar flexion lower the foot
carp/o downward displacement of the wrist;also called dropped wrist
cervic/o pertaining to the neck
cost/o beneath the ribs
crain/o incision through the cranium, usually to gain access to the brain during neurosurgical procedures
humer/o pertaining to humerus
metacarp/o excision of one or more metacarpal bones
Created by: Mrs_Morrica