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eubacteria and archaebacteria

what is an antibiotic? a chemical that limits the growth of bacteria
what is a saprophyte? bacteria that use dead organisms asa food and energy source
what are nitrogen-fixing bacteria? bacteria that change nitrogen in the air into a form that plants can use to grow
what is a pathogen? any organism that causes disease
what is a toxin? poisonous substances that some bacteria produce
what is an endospore? a thick-walled structure that bacteria use to protect themselves. It can keep a bacteria alive (in hibernation) for hundreds of years
what is pasteurization? heating food to high temperatures to kill bacteria in it
what is a bacterial vaccine? a weakened form of the bacteria that is injected into an organism so that organism's immune system can learn to fight it
what is bioremediation? using bacteria to clean up pollution (like oil spills)
what is a flagella? a whip-like tail that moves bacteria around
what is binary fission? the asexual way bacteria reprodue
what is an aerobe? bacteria that must have oxygen to live
what is an anaerobe? bacteria that can live in environments without oxygen
where to archaebacteria live? in extreme environments
where does the archaebacteria halophile live? really salty places like the Great Salt Lake
where does the archaebacteria thermophile live? really hot places like hot springs
where does the archaebacteria methanogen live? in swamps
what is a methanogen? a type of archaebacteria that generates methane gas (a gas that can be used as a fuel source)
what does prokaryote mean? a cell without a nucleus
do bacteria still have DNA? yes just not in a nucleus
what 5 structure do all bacteria have? cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm, DNA, ribosomes
what are the small hair like structures that bacteria use to move around? cilia
what do bacteria use slime layers or capsules for? extra protection or to stick to surfaces
what shape is bacillus bacteria? rod
what shape is coccus bacteria? circular/round
what shape is spirilla bacteria? spiral
Created by: ruth.baker