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Bk 2 Vocab #8

Latin 4H/5AP

adytum, I inner shrine, sanctuary
aeternus, a, um eternal, undying
commendo, commendare to entrust, commit
culmen, culminis top, summit, peak, roof
denique finally, at last
penetralis, is, e inmost, interior
pererro, pererrare to wander through, traverse
pontus, i sea, waves
sat enough, sufficiently
desero, deserere to desert, forsake
diripio, diripere to plunder, ravage
lustro, lustrare to purify, survey, traverse
obstipesco, obstipescere to be dazed, stand agape
saltus, us forest glade; leap, dancing
abdo, abdere to hide, put away, bury
adeo to such an extent, so (much)
everto, evertere to overturn, destroy
infestus, a, um hostile, threatening
invisus, a, um hateful, hated, odious
ob on account of
Created by: hflmagistra