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Human Impact SG

Human Impact on the Environment Study Guide for Quiz 1b

What is the major cause of air pollution? the burning of fossil fuels releases harmful substances into the atmosphere
What types of human activities cause air pollution? burning of fossil fuels, factory smokestacks, automobile exhaust, and burning wood in a fireplace
What can you infer about health and air pollution? people who live in areas with more air pollution have more health issues, such as asthma
What were some of the effects of the Industrial Revolution on your village?
Why do you think CO2 levels have risen steadily in the last 45 years? because of the steady increase in the burning of fossil fuels for factories and automobiles, which produces CO2
Which types of activities will raise even faster?
How do high CO2 levels affect earth? Some scientists think the increase in carbon dioxide in the air is causing the average air temperature to rise around the world. The rising temperature may cause dramatic climate changes.
Calculate the following: burning 1 barrel of oil produces 23,000,000 Kilocalories of heat energy. How many barrels of oil would be wasted on a leaky hot water faucet dripping 5,100 L per year? Show all work. barrels
How many 2 liter bottles could you fill with the water you collect from the leaky hot water faucet? Show all work.
Why is it important to conserve resources such as oil and water? oil is a non-renewable resource, it can't be replaced once it is used up and the supply of clean, fresh water is limited on earth
Water vapor is a natural greenhouse gas. How does it effect the temperatures on earth? We emit CO2, which warms the world a bit, and this causes more water to vaporize & warm the world more to a higher (more or less) stabilized level.
What is the difference between greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change? The greenhouse effect is the cause - and global warming and climate change are the consequences.
Created by: ldorso