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5th Gr Energy Test


What sorts of things can be a medium? Matter (solids, liquids, gases)
How does sound travel? Sound travels through a medium
How is sound made? Sound is produced by vibrating objects
What is sound energy? Sound waves (vibrating air)
What are some forms of energy? (Name 7) Sound, Light, Heat (thermal), Chemical, Mechanical, Kinetic, Potential
Can energy be transferred? Yes. Energy can be transferred from one form to another,
What is Energy? The ability to cause motion or create change
Can sound travel through a vacuum? Why or why not? No. A vacuum is an absence of matter
In sound energy what is pitch? Pitch is how high or low a sound is. The more something vibrates in a specific amount of time, the higher the frequency of sound waves and the higher the pitch
In sound energy what is volume? How loud or soft a sound is
In sound energy what is an echo? Sound waves bouncing off of a hard surface
In which direction does light normally travel? Light travels in a straight line - unless it strikes an object or it travels from one medium to another
Name 3 things that can happen to light when it strikes an object? 1. Refracted (bends) when it goes from one transparent medium to another 2. Reflected (bounces back) when it hits an object 3. Absorbed (light that hits an object & is absorbed turns into heat the rest is reflected-this is what allows us to see colors)
What happens when light hits a prism? Light is refracted (bent)
What happens when light hits a mirror? Light is reflected (bounces back)
Does a black or white shirt keep us cooler in the summer? Why? A white shirt because it reflects every color on the spectrum. A black shirt absorbs all of the colors of light (holds heat)
What is electricity? The movement of electrons that can produce light, heat and sound
What is an electron and where would you find one? Negatively charged particles in an atom
What is static electricity? A negative charge jumps to a positive charge
How is heat energy measured? With thermometers
What is mechanical energy? Any energy that has the ability to do work
What is kinetic energy? The energy of movement (rolling ball, light, sound)
What is potential energy? Stored energy (water held in a tank, a ball at the top of a hill)
What is thermal energy? Energy that tranfers forms (states) gives off heat
What can heat (or its absence) do to matter? It can cause it to change states
What happens when heat is removed from gases? Gases turn to liquids (steam to water)
What happens when heat is removed from liquids? Liquids turn to solids (water to ice cubes)
What happens when heat is added to solids? Solids turn to liquids (melt - ice cubes to water)
What happens when heat is added to liquids? Liquids turn to gas (steam)
What happens to light when it hits a blacktop (pavement)? Light is absorbed (and turns into heat)
Is energy matter? Energy is NOT matter; it is not a solid, liquid, or gas (which all have mass)
What often happens when energy is transferred from 1 form to another? Energy releases heat
Sound travels travels through a medium. Give an example of a medium. A medium can be any form of matter (solids, liquids, gases)
T/F The higher the frequency of sound waves, the higher the pitch T
Give an example of an insulator Rubber, plastic, wood, glass
Give an example of a conductor Water, metal, air
Are humans conductors or insulators? Conductors
T/F Every magnet has 2 poles True
Name the poles of a magnet North and South
Same poles repel or attract? Repel
South facing North poles repel or attract? Attract
What materials are magnetic? Only iron, nickel or cobalt (or any material made with these ingedients like steel)
Is steel magnetic? Yes
What happens to an electromagnet when electricity is turned off? It is no longer magnetic - the magnetism stops
What is an electromagnet? An object that becomes a magnet when electricity passes through it
What shape do wires in an electromagnetic circuit need to be? Coiled (around an iron core)
What does an electrical circuit need for an electric current to flow? A complete unbroken loop of conductors with a power source