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Words Practice

隻 A measure word used for one of a pair, or for certain animals zhī
雙 Pair shuāng
眼睛 Eyes yǎn jīng
嘴 Mouth zuǐ
耳朵 Ear ěr duō
手 Hand shǒu
多 More duō
做 Do zuò
做事 Do something zuò shì
聽 Listen tīng
忘 Forget wàng
打字 Type dǎ zì
說話 Speak shuō huà
牛奶 Milk niú nǎi
果汁 Juice guǒ zhī
茶 Tea chá
麵包 Bread miàn bāo
三明治 Sandwich sān míng zhì
飯 Rice fàn
菜 Course of a meal / vegetables cài
麵 Noodles miàn
包子 Steamed bun bāo zǐ
喝 Drink
吃 Eat chī
早上 Morning zǎo shàng
中午 Noon zhōng wǔ
晚上 Evening / night wǎn shàng
也 Also
吃飽 Eat till one is full chī bǎo
夠 Enough gòu
早飯 Breakfast zǎo fàn
杯 A cup of bēi
車 Car chē
開車 Drive kāi chē
走路 Walk zǒu lù
紅綠燈 Traffic lights hóng lǜ dēng
紅燈 Red light hóng dēng
綠燈 Green light lǜ dēng
前面 Front hòu miàn
後面 Behind; back hòu miàn
上面 On top; above shàng miàn
下面 Under xià miàn
左邊 Left side zuǒ biān
右邊 Right side yòu biān
小心 Be careful xiǎo xīn
停 Stop tíng
就 Just jiù
打開 Open; turn on dǎ kāi
燈 Lamp / light dēng
開心 Happy kāi xīn
白雲 White cloud bái yún
白鞋 White shoes bái xié
黑筆 Black pen hēi bǐ
黑帽子 Black cap / black hat hēi mào zǐ
藍天 Blue sky lán tiān
天氣 Weather tiān qì
打球 Play ball dǎ qiú
綠草地 Green meadow / lawn lǜ cǎo dì
散步 Stroll sàn bù
玩遊戲 Play games wán yóu xì
電腦 Computer diàn nǎo
前天 The day before yesterday qián tiān
後天 The day after tomorrow hòu tiān
種花 Plant flowers zhōng huá
除草 Weed chú cǎo
掃落葉 Sweep fallen leaves sǎo luò yè
剷雪 Shovel snow chǎn xuě
春天 Spring chūn tiān
冬天 Winter dōng tiān
夏天 Summer xià tiān
秋天 Fall qiū tiān
除了 Besides chú le
花開 Flowers bloom huā kāi
這裡 Here zhè lǐ
Created by: yuping106
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