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Test5; MA; Ch 30-39

Mozart wrote a work for Benjamn Franklin's ___ ____. glass harmonica
The best-known American band composer John Philip Sousa
was written by John Philip Sousa The Stars and Stripes Forever
The greatest American song writer of the romantic period; Important composer of parlor songs who wrote "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair" was Stephen Foster
was the first American woman to compose a symphony Amy Cheney Beach
Musical style defined by its ragged rhythm & played on banjo, piano, or by bands Ragtime
The most famous performer & composer of ragtime Scott Joplin
was the style of music that formed the basis for the blues Field hollers
this was the lowered scale pitch, used by blues singers, that gives the melody a relaxed effect Blue note
was another name for New Orleans jazz Dixieland
the singing of nonsense syllables during improvised solos Scat singing
was the band leader who rose to fame at Harlem's Cotton Club Duke Ellington
the jazz style, developed by swing band players in after-hours clubs that emphasized small combos & experimented with free-form solo work Bebop
was involved in the creation of cool jazz Miles Davis
blended together the two musical styles of jazz and rock Fusion
wrote Rhapsody in Blue -- the most famous classical work to make use of jazz stylings George Gershwin
wrote Afro-American Symphony; introduced the banjo into the orchestra in his Afro-American Symphony William Grant Still
composed the work the "Unanswered Question"; idealized the strength & simple virtue of the ordinary people Charles Ives
is the term used to describe the style of American nationalism Copland evokes in Appalachian Spring Americana
Unique feature of Copland's ____ _____ is spoken text derived from Lincoln's speeches & letters. Lincoln Portrait
wrote "Over There", "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy", and "Grand Old Flag" George M. Cohan
The popular musical style Gershwin uses in Porgy and Bess is jazz
wrote the musicals Oklahoma, South Pacific, and The Sound of Music Rodgers and Hammerstein
The plot of West Side Story was based on Romeo and Juliet
was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber Jesus Christ Superstar
is Ander Lloyd Webber's most operatic work Phantom of the Opera
an invention that allowed music recorded on phonograph records to be played simultaneously with the film Vitaphone System
one of the first movie composers who composed the music score for the 1933 film King Kong and the 1939 film Gone with the Wind Max Steiner
included original music and pre-existing music chosen by George Lucas for the music of the movie Star Wars John Williams
wrote the music scores for the films such as Titantic, Aliens, Apollo 13, and Braveheart James Horner
is the study of non-Western and folk music Ethnomusicology
is the Indonesian term for a musical ensemble Gamelan
John Cage placed bolts, screws, bamboo and other objects in the strings to create a percussion sound on the piano called Prepared piano
wrote "Sonata V" from Sonatas and Interludes -- a prepared piano piece John Cage
is the manipulation of natural sounds through the medium of magnetic tape Musique concrete
was Edgard Varese's definition of music Organized sound
In addition to the music, "Poeme electronique" also included lights and projected images and text
music in its simplest, most basic elements Minimalist music
Billings: "When Jesus Wept" says "WHEN JESUS WEPT"; listen for "JESUS"
Smith: "Lost Your Head Blues" she SINGS then TRUMPET comes in after; MONEY
Parker: "Ko Ko" very FAST, high ENERGY
Davis: "Miles Runs the Voodoo Down" RANDOM, instruments play whatever; SLOW think indie rock drugs at WOODSTOCK; TRUMPET wakes you up but plays SLOW
Still: Afro-American Symphony, I beginning sounds like TRAIN WHISTLE (HORNS); seconds part SLOW & think "wade in the water"
Copland: "Fanfare for the Common Man" big DRUMS at beginning (think Mulan-Gong); HEROIC with trumpets; think 911
Zwilich: Symphony no 1, I SCARY black & white movie; Twilight Zone/The Shinning; Eerie
Bernstein: "America" from West Side Story Jazzy, LATIIN influence; Listen for "Puerto Rico" & "America"
Williams: "Main Theme" from Star Wars Just know it's the main theme
Indonesian: "Srepegan (slendro nim)" Sounds like WIND CHIMES/POTS & PANS
Cowell: "The Banshee" BEES BUZZING around a nest (piano); INSIDIOUS
Glass: Company, II starts LOUD, then SOFT, then LOUD; same note, different pitch and instrument; LOUPING around
Created by: ibenoit95



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