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pete 1010 exam 2

Tool Pusher the contractor’s top manager on the drill site, responsible for rigs overall operations and performance. Makes sure the crew drills the well to the operator’s specifications. Sometimes referred to as the rig super intendant or rig manager.
Driller subornment only to the tool pusher and is the person who operates the drilling machinery. Also manages the day to day activities of the derrick hand and rotary helpers
Derrickhand Looks after the mud pumps and sometimes monitors and records the condition of the mud. When drill pipe is removed or put into the well, they handle the pipe from a platform on top the derrick.
Rotary Helpers (roughnecks, floor hands) handle the bottom of the pipe on the rig floor when pipe is removed or added. At other times they maintain and repair the tools and equipment on a rig.
Roustabouts assist in loading and unloading equipment and supplies delivered by boat to the rig. They are also responsible for keeping the rig painted, cleaned, and repaired. Sometimes called lease hands
Company Representative Representative of the operator on the drilling location. Responsible for issues on location such as safety and efficiency.
Footage Contract the operator agrees to pay the contractor a certain amount for each foot drilled. Riskier for the contractor, because the operator pays the contractor certain amount regardless of the time it takes.
Daywork Contract the operator pays the contractor an amount per day to use the rig, regardless of work the rig is performing. Paid by hour not foot
Turnkey Contract requires the operator to pay the drilling contractor an agreed amount when the well is finished. The contractor will furnish all equipment, materials, and people needed to drill, operator assumes all financial risk
Combination Contract combines payment agreements. Ex.: paid by footage to a certain depth and then by day rate below that depth
Hoisting System hoists the drill pipe in and out of the hole, supports the drill pipe and keeps it in tension
Derrick a permanent A-frame structure with legs that sit on the corners of the rig floor.
Crown Block sits atop the derrick and never moves
Travelling Block moves up and down the center of the derrick, lifts and lowers drill string
Drilling Line made of wound steel wire. Runs from supply reel to crown block through sheaves. Goes down to traveling block and wraps around sheaves. Weaves several times to increase strength. Anchored at draw works drum.
Drawworks one of the largest and heaviest pieces of equipment on a drilling rig. Houses the drum which drilling line is wrapped.
Swivel hangs from drilling hook on bottom of traveling block, supports drill bit, conduit for drilling fluid, allow for everything below to rotate
Kelly Fits into the Kelly bushing and rotary table; rotates the drill string and bit because the Kelly slides through the Kelly bushing, the Kelly can move down as the bit drills deeper
Rotary Table Spinning section of the drill floor that provides power to turn the drill string, Kelly, and Kelly bushing
Top Drive Device that turns the drill string suspended from a hook that travels up and down the center of the Derrick; can do a stand of pipe (90 feet) instead of a joint of pipe (30 feet)
Drill Pipe Tubular steel conduit fitted with special threaded ends called tool joints connects the rig surface equipment to the bottom hole assembly; pumps drilling fluid to the bit and used to raise lower and rotate the bottom hole assembly
Drill Collars Component of the drill sting that provides weight on bit and keeps the drill string in tension. A thick wall tubular pieces machined from solid bars of steel
Bits At the bottom of the drill string drills a formation rock dislodging it so the drilling fluid can circulate the fragments back to the surface. Two types: Roller cone and diamond bits
Mechanical Drive A collection of pulleys, belts, or chains connection each diesel or gas engines to the rig components requiring power
Electric Drive Diesel engines drive large electric generators to power the rig
Mud Pump Pumps drilling fluid down the hole through a series of pipes
Circulating System The heart of the circulating system takes mud from pits and pressurizes it before sending it down hole then back up the annulus
Mud Pit Where drilling mud is stored
Shale Shaker Series of screens that remove rock cutting from the mud
Fishing the drilling term for retrieving an object, called a fish, from a wellbore. A fish can be part of or all of the drill stem stuck or lost in the hole. A fish can also be smaller pieces of equipment called, junk
Created by: kkobalxp
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