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Unit 2 Vocabulary

Accumulation The process of increasing in quantity, number, or amount
Atmosphere The whole mass of air surrounding the Earth
Condensation Gas changing to a liquid (example- water vapor into cloud)
Evaporation Liquid changing to a gas
Groundwater Water that collects in cracks and pores in underground soil and rock layers
Precipitation Any form of water falling from clouds (rain, snow, hail, sleet)
Runoff Water from precipitation that runs into a gully that flows into a stream, which in turn flows into a lake, reservoir, estuary or the ocean
Transpiration The process by which plants give off water vapor through the stomata (holes) in their leaves
Carbon Dioxide-Oxygen Cycle cycle by which plants take in CO2 and give off oxygen and animals take in oxygen and give off CO2
Carbon Dioxide Atmospheric gas that animals release (give off) and plants take in during photosynthesis
Oxygen Atmospheric gas that plants release during photosynthesis and animals take in during respiration
Photosynthesis Process by which plants make their own food in the form of sugar and give off oxygen
Respiration what animals do when they take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide
Chrysalis The hardened outer layer of a butterfly during the pupa stage
Cocoon An envelope usually of silk which the larva of some insects (moth) forms about itself and passes the pupa stage
Complete Metamorphosis 4 Stages-egg, larva, pupa, adult; each stage looks very different from others (butterfly)
Incomplete Metamorphosis Egg, Larva, Nymph, Adult- NO Pupa stage; Egg hatches into mini adult (example- cricket, grasshopper)
Molting To shed hair, fur, outer skin, shell or horns with the cast-off parts being replaced by a new growth
Nymph Stage of life cycle in organism that undergoes incomplete metamorphosis (mini-adult)
Larva 2nd stage of Complete Metamorphosis- example: caterpillar
Pupa 3rd stage of Complete Metamorphosis- example: butterfly inside a chrysalis
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