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INTRO CH13, 14

older adult and aging

What is the psychosocial development of Erickson for the older adult? ego integrity vs despair
When do individuals achieve ego integrity? when they sense that their lives have meaning and have been worthwhile.
If an older adult does not meet Erickson what happens likely to feel that life is to short, may have regrets and feelings of failure
List some lifestyle changes in the older and aging population changes in physiologic, psychological and sociological functions and roles, change in body function, change in residence, reduction of income, reevaluation of self-worth, adaptation of prospect of death
List some major physical changes related to normal aging processes decrease in functioning of organs, change in visual and auditory acuity, decreased reaction time, unsteady gait, increased emotional and physical losses, stiff jointness
___________ is the study of the medical problems and care associated with older adults. Its the study of the aging process in all its dementions gerontology or geriatrics
Many stressors affect the aging population changes. List some of these stressors loss of spouse, major loss of income, loss of transportation,adapting to stress and loss is a normal life cycle of getting older
Death of spouses and peers causes older adults to reflect on there own death and___________ mortality
____________ can be defined as personal feelings that pertain to an individual's relationship with a divine, non material, life force or higher power. spirituality
____________ refers to a man-made and organized system of beliefs about higher powers. religion
___________ study of characteristics and changes that casue balance in a population. demographics
List 4 important issues r/t expansion of the older population to challenges in the 21st century legal & ethical issues of death and dying will continue to be a part of the individuals and society's concerns, better training of healthcare professionals in areas of aging, more flexible working schedules volunteering, recognition of past contributions
__________ is a natural part of life. death
List the stages of grief. denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
_____________ shock statements of disbelief, often followed by a feeling of isolation. no, not me denial
_ rage, acting out physically or verbally against family or health professionals. WHY ME Anger
_____________ guilt and developing awareness of diagnosis, YES ME, BUT OR IF I COULD JUST LIVE UNTIL Bargaining
___________ grief YES ME. a person realizes that he/she is going to die and nothing to stop it Depression
_______________ self-reliance and a feeling of peace. MY TIME IS CLOSE Acceptance
true or false a dying person works through the grief in the same time span as others that are dying false
______________ gradually seperates from the world so two-way communication generally no longer exists with people around him or her detachment
Created by: rosegraffagnini
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