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Georgia barrier islands are also known as ________. The Golden Isles
What is the largest near-shore live bottom reef that is found off the coast of Georgia? Gray's Reef
What animal comes ashore to lay its eggs on the barrier islands? Loggerhead Sea Turtle
What is Georgia's state marine mammal? Northern Right Whale
A sandy strip of land offshore that protects the mainland is called a _________________. barrier island
Where would you most likely find sea oats, pennyworts, and morning glories? sand dunes
What would happen to nearby coastal land if a storm destroyed a barrier island? Waves would carry away sand & soil.
What is formed along the coast as a result of deposition? sand dunes
How did the Northern Right Whale get its name? Hunters considered it to be the "right" whale because it was so easy to catch.
Why do so few baby sea turtles survive their voyage to the ocean? Porch lights & street lights distract them from the ocean. Predators also get to them while they are trying to get to the ocean.
What adaptations does the pelican have in order to live in Georgia's coastal & ocean habitats? They have wide bills with a pouch so that they can scoop up fish.
How do sea oats help to keep dunes in place? Sea oats have shallow roots that hold the sand in place.
How can we describe the land of the coastal/beach habitat? land bordering the ocean
How do some plants stay hydrated in the dry climate of the coast? They have adaptive parts to store water.
Which plant has a waxy coating to help protect it from the salt in the air at the coast? wax myrtle
True or False: Salt water is a danger for animals in the Atlantic Ocean habitat. false
How do many plants adapt to living in the ocean habitat? The grow in shallow water where there is sunlight.
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