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Speak part 1

First Marking Period

Who is Melinda Sordino? The main character of the novel. She is just starting 9th grade and is having a hard time because she was raped over the summer.
Who is IT? The senior boy who raped Melinda at the party.
Who is David Petrakis? David is Melinda’s lab partner in biology class. He is brilliant, confident, and assertive, qualities that Melinda wishes she had.
Who is Heather? Heather is self-absorbed and obsessed with integrating herself into the social scene. She is Melinda's first friend in 9th grade.
Who is Mr. Freeman? Mr. Freeman is a talented artist and teacher who is the only person in Melinda’s life to notice her depression and to encourage her to tell her story.
Rachel Melinda’s former best friend. Rachel hates Melinda after Melinda calls the police at a summer party to which Rachel’s brother had brought them.
Mr. Neck Mr. Neck is Melinda’s history teacher. He dislikes Melinda from the moment he discovers her lost in the hallway on the first day of school.
On the first day of school, why does Melinda sit in the front of the bus? She hopes her friends will notice her and be nice.
What does Melinda nickname her English teacher? Hairwoman
What object is Melinda assigned in art class? And what does she think of it? A Tree. She thinks it's too easy.
How does Melinda communicate with her parents when she wants something? Notes
What does Melinda decide after her bathroom encounter with Rachel? She needs new friends
Why is Melinda unhappy at the pep rally? The people around her are being mean to her.
About what does Mr. Freeman continually rant? The school Board
Why do Melinda's parents yell at her at dinner one night? They found out she is getting bad grades.
Created by: hlbrown2s