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Stack #188756

Skin integrity & wound healing

What are some causes of Skin Integrity? Age related, poor nutrition, poor skin turgor, Moisture, deminished sensations and impaired circulation
When there are no breaks in the skin; it's like a contusion or bruise Closed Wound
When there is a break in the skin like a laceration, surgical incision, ect... Open wound
When a broken bone comes out of the skin is ? Compound Fracture
When it is an uninfected wound with little inflamation? Clean wound
When it is a surgical incision that enters the GI, Respirtory and or GU tract and have a risk for infection is? Clean contamination
Are open wounds or surgical incisions at high risk for infection is? Contaminated
This is when wounds are infected with puss drainage or nucrotic tissue is? Infected wounds
What are the 3 depths of a wound? Superficial, Partial thickness and full thickness
The epidermal layer of skin from friction, shearing or burning is? Superficial
Extended through the epidermis through the dermis Partial thickness
Extended through the subcutaneous and beyond Full thickness
This intension heals with little tissue loss when the edges are well approximated (closed) & little scaring occurs. A clean surgical incision heals like this. Primary Intention
When healing occurs and the egdes don't close and should not close because it's infected & the wound is left open. It fills with beefy red hranulations and heals slowly & is prone to infection. Secondary Intention
First the wound heals by 2ndary intension, if no edema or infection the wound is closed with sutchers. This creates less scarring than the 2ndary but more than primary intention Tertiary Intention
The stopping of bleeding, the blood vessels constrict, platlets go to the site & clump together & the clotting mechanism is activated to form a blood clot. Hemostasis
Created by: jmbosworth1972