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environmental scienc

Fishing and Agriculture test

In terms of bycatch Rank the ways to fish; which has more bycatch which has the least pole-fishing has the least amount of bycatch, trawling will give you the most bycatch
How can trawling damage an ecosystem? habitats get damaged
maximum amount of fish that can be harvested without diminishing the population for future years maximum sustainable yield
something being fished at unsustainable levels overexploited fishery
stocks so low fishing cannot be supported depleted fishery
What does the Marine-Trophic Index measure? average the trophic level of the total catch from a fishery
slide 20 smaller the number on the pyramid the smaller the fish; larger the number the larger the fish
difference between territorial water and exclusive economic zones territorial water are exclusive fishing zones that reached 12 miles off each coastline; exclusive economic zones are 200 miles from each coastline
Are the US annual catch limits higher or lower than the maximum sustainable yield? lower, because we don't want to take the risk of depleting the fishing levels
Define aquaculture and the two challenges of aquaculture process of farming fish; antibiotic overuse and buildup of manure in the water
raised in mariculture or aquaponics facility Farmed fishing
caught from a body of water wild caught
label attached to any seafood that follows sustainable fishing practices MSC Certified
Created by: a.allsup