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Calua SFC

An Gearrscéal - Calua

Calua was a whale Ba mhíol mór é Calua
He was on his holidays in the Artic Sea with his family Bhí ar a laethanta saoire sa Mhuir Artach lena chlann
He was from California Ba as California é
He was never in the Artic Sea before Ní raibh sé sa Mhuir Artach riamh
He was there with his Mother, Brunla, his Father Seantrumpa and his brother Darradú Bhí sé ann lena mháthair Brunla, a athair Seantrumpa agus a dheartháir Darradú
Everyone was happy Bhí gach duine sona sásta
Calua and Darradú were playing with the ice and messing Bhí Calua agus Darradú ag imirt leis an leac oighir agus ag pléidhcíocht
They felt safe Mhothaigh said sábháilte
Then, the hunters came Ansin, tháinig na sealgairí
They killed Seantrumpa first with a harpoon Mharaigh said seantrumpa ar dtús le harpún
Calua saw his blood in the water Chonaic Calua a chuid fola san uisce
Calua, Brunla and Darradú were terrified Bhí eagla an domhain ar Chalua, Brunla agus Darradú
They escaped and hid under the ice D'éalaigh said agus bhí said i bhfolach faoin leac oighir
When they came up from under the ice the hunters killed Brunla and Darradú Nuair a tháinig said suas ón leac oighir mharaigh na sealgairí Brunla agus Darradú
Calua was terrified, on his own Bhí eagla an domhain ar Chalua ina aonar
He went under the ice again Chuaigh sé faoin leac oighir arís
After a while, he needed air Tar éis tamaill, theastaigh aer uaidh
There was no break in the ice Ní raibh an briseadh san oighear
He was in a dilemma Bhí sé i gcruachás
After effort, he broke the ice with is head Tar éis tamaill bhris sé an leac oighir lena cheann
He was proud Bhí bród air
The hunters were gone, Calua was safe Bhí na sealgairí imithe, bhí Calua sábháilte
His heart was broken for his family Bhí a chroí bhriste i ndiadh a chlann
He was on his own mile from his home place Bhí sé ina aonar mílte óna áit dhuchais
Cruelty is the biggest theme in this story Is é cruálacht an téama is mó sa scéal seo
Sadness is the strongest emotion in this story Is é brón an mothúchán is láidre sa scéal seo
Created by: Ms O' C