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Make Music Chapter 2

American Music Mix

Cover A version of a popular song by a performer other than the original artist.
Fusion Combining contrasting styles into a new unique style
Alternative Music hat exemplifies an unconventional approach to a traditional style.
MIDI An acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, a communication protocol
Sampler Records and plays back ambient sounds, often on different pitches
Sequencer Automates the control of MIDI equipment
Sound Module Hardware that contains synthesized and sampled sounds on a hard drive or memory chip
Stride Piano a style of piano playing in which the left hand moves on each beat, "striding" between low notes on strong beats and higher-pitched chords on weak beats.
Rap Speaking in rhyme over a beat
Scratching Manually moving a record back and forth against the record needle to create a specific sound effect
def Jam Slang for a great song
Free Style A style created when an MC improvises lyrics
Improvisation "On the spot" variations of melody, rhythm, and chords
Head The original type in a jazz arrangement, usually heard at the beginning and sometimes at the end of a piece
Jazz Standard a well-known and often-played jazz piece
Swing A jazz style popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Many people enjoyed dancing to it.
Combo A small jazz ensemble with one player on each part
Timbre The unique sound of a voice on instrument; also called tone color
Vibrato a slight, rapid wavering in pitch
A Cappella Singing without accompaniment
Distortion Altering the electrical signal, such as from an electric guitar, to create a raw and unclear pitch
Power Chords Two-note chords where the middle note of the triad is omitted.
Rhythm Track Drums, bass, and other instruments that accentuate the beat
Falsetto In men, the head voice. It approximates a woman's pitch range
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