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Anne Frank I 4-5

The Diary of Anne Frank Act I Sc 4 - 5

What does Anne do to show her growing sensitivity to other people's feelings? She defends Peter and his cat to Mr. Van Daan.
Why is it important for the characters in the Secret Annex to celebrate Hanukkah? It is important because it gives them the chance to unite in prayer and to remember their faith.
Why does Anne give Hanukkah presents to the others? She wants to give joy to the others.
In the crisis that follows the crash of the lampshade, what do Mr. Frank's actions show about his character? Mr. Frank is the most logical thinker in the group.
What is the most likely reason that Mr. Frank asks Anne and Margot to continue singing the Hanukkah Song at the end of Act I? He wants to lift the spirits of the others and remind them of their faith.
While in hiding, what is the special "object of importance" for Mr. Dussel? medical bag
While in hiding, what is the special "object of importance" for Mrs. Van Daan? fur coat
While in hiding, what is the special "object of importance" for Anne Frank? diary
While in hiding, what is the special "object of importance" for Peter Van Daan? cat
In Scene 4, after her latest nightmare, Anne calls herself a coward because of her fear. Why is her image of herself considered to be dramatic irony? The reader knows the truth about her fate and her bravery.
What are other examples of irony in Act I Scenes 4 and 5? the lyrics of the Hanukkah song; Anne's wish list for new clothes, a bicycle, and taking a hot bath; Mr. Van Daan's complaint about Peter's cat eating all the food.
What does 'tyranny' mean? unjust use of power
What does 'gingerly' mean? carefully
What does 'ostentatiously' mean? in a showy manner
What does 'zeal' mean? great enthusiasm
What does 'appalled' mean? horrified
Created by: English Rocks