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everyday activity 1

everyday activity 1 _English will easy

to get up a se scula din pat
to wake up a se trezi
to have a shower a face duș
to brush teeth a se spăla pe dinți
to shave a se bărbieri
to get dressed a se îmbrăca
to wash face a se spăla pe față
to put on make-up a se machia
to brush hair a-și peria părul
to comb a se pieptăna
to make the bed a face patul
to get undressed a se dezbrăca
to have a bath a face baie
to go to bed a merge la culcare
to sleep a dormi
to go to sleep a merge la culcare (S)
to cook dinner a pregăti cina (C)
to cook lunch a pregăti prânzul (C)
to have breakfast a lua micul dejun
to have lunch a lua prânzul
to have dinner a lua cina
to clean the house a face curat în casă
to wash dishes a spăla vasele
to do the laundry a spăla rufele
to iron a călca
to feed the baby a hrăni bebelușul
to feed the cat a hrăni pisica
to walk the dog a scoate câinele la plimbare
to study a învăța
to go to work a merge la muncă
to go to school a merge la școală
to drive to work a merge cu mașina la muncă
to take the bus to school a merge cu autobuzul la școală
to work a munci
to leave work a pleca de la muncă
to go the store a merge la magazin
to go shopping a face cumpărături
to come home a veni acasă (C)
to get home a ajunge acasă (G)
to arrive home a ajunge acasă (A)
to set the table a pune masa
to clean the table a strânge masa
to wipe the table a șterge masa
to make breakfast a face micul dejun (M)
to cook breakfast a face micul dejun (C)
to prepare breakfast a face micul dejun (P)
to make lunch a pregăti prânzul (M)
Created by: Danyella0731